12-12-12 in Review

It is late in 12-12-12 and I meditated for a half hour surrounding each 12.12. The Midnight meditation was powerful as I did the permission giving and opened up to the energies. Nothing unusual happened during the night, just a sense of well being and a sense of expansion. I slept late and asked if another bank trip was part of today’s service and that was confirmed. Ate breakfast and did the 12.12 meditation and headed out to the bank.
On the 11th I struck out in my attempts to send money to a friend, a Lightworker traveling in pursuit of her mission. Both bank trips ended in delays and I tried Western Union on the Bank staff’s advice. Turns out Arizona has a $450 daily limit so I gathered up my cash and headed home. It was dark by then and I chose an unusual route. There in my path glinting in the light of a street light was a Loonie, Canada’s one dollar coin. It was an affirmation and a pat on the back for a job well done. I knew then the path was cleared and the energetic obstacles surmounted. I still needed an address for my friend due to the banking bureaucracy and the cause of the latest delay and she was already ensconced in an internet free environment for 12-12-12 so I asked if one of my Daughter’s friends in Flagstaff would provide their address. That was agreed and I was once again prepared.
With my guide’s blessings and a skiff of snow fallen last night, off I went for my fourth trip to the bank. The greeter and Breanne, the woman who set up my account on the first trip, are by now good friends and in the know on my various troubles. ‘Did Western Union work?’ ‘No. Their limit in Arizona is $450 per day, unlike the rest of the country with a $3000 daily limit.’ ‘Just your luck; what are you going to do?’ ‘I now have all the information your tellers say they need and today is my lucky day.’ 🙂
The tellers are incredibly rules bound and have learned by hard experience not to argue with the computer, a kind of ultimate control system. The midlevel staffs has little authority over the tellers so the staff keep making promises and suggestions that just don’t work and the customer is caught in the middle. Quite normal in restricted sovereignty situations where control is the target. Off I went into the teller’s lion’s den. I drew the senior teller, an older woman of German descent. I explained my mission and she was all gung ho and helpful until my account came up on her screen. ‘Ops, sorry; the bank has placed a hold on your checks so you can only send $100 now.’ This time I had the trump card. ‘I have cash…will that do?’ Now everything was brightness and lights. The transaction is lengthy due to inputting all the information, counting out the money, checking and cross checking, two levels of signatures etc but it was fun for us all. She gave me all the receipts finally and off I went.  
Breanne was out of her office for some reason and saw my big smile giving me the thumbs up. I returned it and we spent a minute or two comparing notes and rejoicing. I stopped at the greeter’s desk on the way out, laid my paper work in front of her saying ‘Feast your eyes on this!’ It was all good fun. The sun came out for my walk home and we rejoiced together in the shifts and clearing that have happened and continue. 🙂

I asked for the lesson in all of this? At the personal level, my energy is as was presented on the last two visits to the bank; taking things in stride and working with and around the system; enlisting the help of others through my joy and my resilience. The ‘grumpy’ energy of some earlier interactions got me nothing but grief; that is going to war with the system and the system always wins the war. The system is no match for joy and resilience!

Now, a little about 12-12-12 and my experience. I was hoping for big things in the physical world and in my inner world and these did not happen. Instead, it was a continuation and an escalation of the energetic shifts and clearings that have been my experience since the March equinox nearly nine months ago. By cosmic law physical shifts follow energetic shifts so the physical shifts will happen, but their time is not yet.

My inner shifts will also happen and in many ways they already have happened. I keep hoping for the kind of mind-blowing clarity that has been reported by many and has been the experience of time-travellers when entering the post 12-21-12 gateway. On the other hand, my personal clarity has risen by increment these past half dozen years and 12-12-12 was another increment.

We shall see…

Freedom for humanity…


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