One Week before Ascension

Wow…only one week before the December solstice, the fabled date of Ascension. Energetically humanity is right on pace and Ascension is all about energy and the human body’s light quotient. The energies of love and compassion along with related energies like peace and joy are bubbling up within each of us.

For many of us, these are unfamiliar and the unfamiliar is often unwelcome. Many continue to rush about in their 3D lives ignorant of the great shifts taking place within them. The Great Team assembled to manage humanity’s Ascension has worked hard to make Ascension an inclusive event; everyone on Earth at the time of the solstice will Ascend.

Many strings have been pulled to achieve this inclusivity.

Containment made it possible by containing those willfully opposed and preventing their obstructive actions. Containment has been applied to a very small percentage of humanity. Only key players in a position to obstruct the process were contained. Containment violates free will and was therefore used sparingly. Some of those placed into containment have shifted and will be ascending. Others chose to leave the planet and gifted their bodies to walk-ins supporting Ascension. Still others sit on the sidelines observing but unable to interfere. Their moment of choice will arrive like everyone else’s.

Some are like overtired babies resisting sleep and going to bed. No matter the intensity of their tantrum or the depth of their stubbornness, their parents in the unseen world know they are good of heart and they will be ascending; just as the overtired baby will fall asleep and be put to bed.

Free will remains operative but it is the free will of the heart and the free will of the soul that will make the Ascension decision. Many obstreperous human beings ignorant or even opposed to the whole concept of Ascension will be carried through the Ascension portal by their good heart and their immortal soul.

This does not mean that everyone will Ascend and a few will choose at those very deep levels to continue learning within the lower dimensions. By some reports, these types of learning environments are no longer available within this Universe but they do exist and those who make such choices at these very deep levels will have their free will choices honored. These are not likely to be people you know and certainly not family members if you are reading this blog.

Special arrangements are being made for the reluctant ascenders. One that took a great deal of work is a holographic reality that will run in parallel with the Ascended reality and provide those within it with the lessons they are missing in order to allow them to join humanity’s shared Ascension timeline. Call it a summer school for those who failed courses. LOL

None of this implies that any of us must learn all our human lessons before Ascending. Nothing could be further from the truth and the Ascended Earth will continue as the ‘school of life’ that all individuated experiences provide. This holographic ‘summer school’ only targets specific lessons that will no longer be available in the higher dimensional school of the Ascended Earth. You see, truth and trust will be self evident in the Ascended Earth and lessons related to this type of aspect are the ones the holographic school will target. Once the lesson is learned the student will graduate and return to the shared timeline of Ascension.

All of this is happening with duality systems still up and running. Banks, economic slavery, Big Oil, corrupt governance, controlled media and many more systems created by the ruling elite continue to operate. They are by now devoid of life and a mere shell but they continue none the less. What I get is they will continue up to and through the Ascension timeframe because their failure and replacement would distract attention from the main event; from Ascension itself.  

Once Ascension is our shared reality, the work of shifting into oneness will take center stage.

Freedom for humanity…


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Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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