Oneness Banking

Standing here (sitting at my keyboard, actually) on this newly minted fifth dimensional Earth three days after 12-12-12 when the last increment of shifting the Earth into the fifth dimension was completed, I am getting a sense of part of my mission. I have no idea how this will all play out within my personal timeline, only a sense of the areas upon which I am to focus. I just gave permission to take me down this path and got instant confirmation. So here goes:

As I wrote yesterday, humanity is going to Ascend at the solstice in less than a week’s time while still carrying and supporting the entire range of duality systems as created and implemented by the ruling elite over the years. An incomplete list would be banks, economic slavery, Big Oil, corrupt governance, controlled media and many more. After humanity’s Ascension, a major cleansing will take place where each of these duality systems collapses and is replaced by oneness systems.

My personal timeline will be involved with this process. Around the March equinox about nine months ago, abilities to clear negative and obsolete energies were activated within me and those abilities have been used in a variety of ways to assist in the birthing of a oneness timeline for humanity and the collapsing of the duality timelines that had been operating in humanity’s collective timeline. My blog has painted this timeline work as a done deal which is true at the level of creation but not yet true at the level of manifestation and completely erroneous at the level of physicality.

It seems I am to contribute to bringing in oneness systems at the level of manifestation and at the level of physicality.  I was given a three day course in the workings of one of Canada’s banks to educate and prepare me and information is coming to me about Lightwork within global banking.

The purpose of banks has been to establish and maintain economic slavery on this planet. The bank workers do not know this, even at very high levels, but that is their purpose and at the level of policy that purpose drives policy. Because of this all kinds of control systems operate to ensure that purpose is met. Local level, even national level management are slaves to this purpose and are powerless to change it. That powerlessness permeates all levels of banking. Bankers know they have to change and become more user friendly but the hidden purpose of economic slavery makes all such attempts window dressing at the present time. How can you empower your own workforce and serve the public when your purpose is to enslave all of humanity?

Sounds pretty slimy doesn’t it, yet that is Truth. Soon to change but historical truth since banking came under the control of the Rothschild’s about 200 years ago. Since then, a small number of banking families has controlled the western world at an economic level. A major coupe occurred about a hundred years ago when the US enacted legislation giving the Federal Reserve, a bank owned and controlled by these same banking families, authority over the country’s money supply. These systems were copied in other countries and with the help of the two world wars; these banking families were owed huge sums of money globally and charged interest on all their debts. The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund also fell under their authority and they wrote their own world banking legislation. Third world countries fell one by one under their control through corrupt lending practices that built national debt and saddled each country with interest payment schedules to the ruination of all else.

President Kennedy’s attempts to end these corrupt practices in the US about fifty years ago ended with his assassination and the banking families have been pretty much unopposed since then.      

Shifting into oneness banking systems globally is a major undertaking and although I have no particular banking expertise; what I do have is energetic expertise and the ability to clear energies supporting duality. How or what I will be called to do; I do not know. That will be shown to me in the fullness of time.

Freedom for humanity…


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