Are you Having FUN

My friend Stephen wrote me a one liner this morning and it was in my e-mails when I got up. Brother John…….are you Having FUN (:(:(:
Hmmm…Do you remember the Lesley Gore one hit wonder in 1965 called It’s My Party and I’ll cry if I want to?I now see my energy of the last day or two in that song. Completely unnecessary and totally inappropriate. Stephen is very tuned into my energy and although we have not talked lately, he knows where I am energetically. Another friend responded to a recent email in much the same way, trying to tell me or ask me the same thing because she too is very sensitive to energy and could feel the pouting energy of my last email. Lol
Okay…time for a reality check. Here we are only four days away from the greatest shift in human history; in fact we are being told it is even more significant than that and has reverberations throughout the galaxy and beyond. I have done my homework well and prepared in amazing ways. I am fulfilling my purpose and living my mission. In short, this is a time of great celebration. This is a time of joy beyond my imagining.
I can focus on whatever I choose and my power flows toward my focus. I choose to be happy! I choose to be full of joy and to spread that joy into the world to be a part, a joyful part, of the shifts now taking place that will climax in only a few days.
I am fond of asking people the following question and my e-mail friend turned the tables and asked me. What would I do if I did not have to work? I have long had an answer to that. I would do what I am doing. I would get up close and personal with my own unique guidance and follow it to the absolute best of my ability. This morning I would add to that long held answer… and I would choose to be happy, choose to live in joy while so doing.
The star ship thing will happen in its own Divine timing, or not. The shifts into oneness will happen in its own Divine timing and there is no or not to this one. My role is to be happy and filled with joy no matter what appears to be happening in my personal timeline. What I am to do will be shown to me. How I am to do it is always a free will choice.

That free will choice of how begins with my own particular inner focus and my own particular emotions; positive, negative or neutral is entirely up to me. I can choose. That was brought home to me very profoundly this morning as I considered Stephen’s question. Am I having FUN?  The answer then was ‘Not really. I am focused on what is not yet the way I would prefer.’

Within seconds I realized I had the power to shift all of that and could do so instantaneously. I could focus on having FUN. When I focused on having FUN I found so much gratitude in my heart and that gratitude flowed all through me. Wow…what a time to be alive. What tremendous blessings are flowing through me and what great blessings are all around me. The bright and beautiful timeline of Ascension and of shifting into oneness has been birthed and is right now being installed as humanity’s shared timeline. OMG, there is so much to be thankful for and there is amazing joy flooding my personal reality.

I am having so much FUN. LOL

Freedom for humanity…


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