Visiting Ashram

My oldest grand daughter had her nineteenth birthday party yesterday and eleven of us gathered at a downtown restaurant to celebrate. I decided to walk, something I have done frequently over the years. It is a beautiful walk, much of it along the Bow River but a significant undertaking as it is over 20 kilometers and takes me around four hours. My favorite tree, a 157 year old Douglas Fir named Ashram is only a short detour and I decided to visit on my way, leaving early for two reasons. One was to allow time for the visit and the other was because it is a rugged trek to get to Ashram’s perch, high on the south bank of the river just off a trail called the Douglas Fir Trail and I wanted to make it during daylight.

In the fall of 2011 as the era of duality ended and the transition into oneness got underway, I began using Ashram as a resource for clearing negative and obsolete energy by grounding these energies into Earth using Ashram’s root system. In mid May, seven months ago, I returned to Ashram intending to continue this process and instead, this ability to clear negative and obsolete energies was activated within me. Since then a regular experience of mine is to gather negative and obsolete energies within my being and discharge these energies back to Earth to be transmuted. At the height of this in late May and early June there were physical tears on the outside of each of my heels. Part of my plan yesterday was to visit Ashram and give thanks for all we have done together.

It has been a wintery fall here in Calgary with lots of snow and temperatures below freezing.  The sun was shining brightly and off I began in the early afternoon. As I walked I began to be visited by unwanted images of taking a hard fall on my way down from visiting Ashram. This happen on three or four occasions and I would cancel the image and reaffirm my protection benediction; ‘Keep me safe, keep me upright.’ I took the detour to visit Ashram, crossing the river on a foot bridge and reached the Douglas Fir Trail without incident. The trail works itself up the south embankment of the river valley and you can exit at the top into a subdivision overlooking the river valley. Ashram is near this exit. My plan was to continue the trail after visiting Ashram as it follows the valley heading downtown and eventually returns to the bottom of the valley.

The trail begins with a gradual ascent followed by a short descent before the steep portion with 4by4s dug into the embankment to assist the trail users. It was slippery and treacherous and when I stood at the crest before the short descent fear rose up within me. Hmmm…I could continue on and get to the top safely but I would then have to come back down. That is a law is it not. What goes up must come down. Yes?! The fear was strong and the images of a hard fall came back to mind.

It is uncharacteristic for me to abort a plan, especially one that has a purpose grounded in my spiritual quest but the warnings were persistent and consistent. If I continued with this plan, I would exceed my protection and suffer a hard fall perhaps with injury. Okay…I stood and made my apologies to Ashram now only a couple of hundred meters away. ‘Sorry dear friend, I will not be visiting you this trip. Please know that humanity is making great strides and I thank you for your help in this process. It is unsafe for me to continue with my intention to visit you directly. Some other time.’

Then I turned around and carefully made my way back to the valley bottom, crossed back over the river and continued my walk on the plowed bicycle paths toward downtown.

We are on the eve before the day of the solstice and my personal path is being illuminated before me. What will happen? Impossible to say as many sources are telling us that the experience is outside of our current imaginings. It came to me recently that those in denial will have a new day dawn yet again on the 22nd and they will be able to feed their denial; at least in the short term. They have missed the point for the Ascension experience is not about what is out there, the Ascension experience is about what is inside, what is within. What is within is changed and will then change what is outside of us – not the other way around.

I intend to embrace the inner experience in all its glory and walk the inner path of Ascension as far as I find possible. Ascension is an expansion of the inner world and a connecting of many pathways and energies that were previously beyond our ken.

Happy Ascension!!!

Freedom for humanity…


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