21-12-12 Ascension

The date of humanity’s Ascension was set eons ago and held firm because of the unique alignment that occurs on this date. You see, our sun is not stationary in space; in fact it orbits the star called Sirius which in turn orbits the black hole in the center of the galaxy, referred to as our Central Sun. One orbit of Sirius takes twenty six thousand years and an orbit of the Central Sun is in the range of two million years. There is also a relationship, that science does not yet understand, between our Central Sun and Source who resides in the center of our universe. On the December solstice all of this is in direct alignment, Source, the Central Sun, Sirius, our Sun and Earth. That unique alignment was long ago chosen as the time of humanity’s Ascension, as evidenced by the Mayan calendars and that has now come to pass as of a few hours ago.

There are two changes taking place within humanity at this time. One is Ascension. The other is what I call a shift into oneness which includes all the stuff mentioned by a friend recently – things like exposing the true history of religions and govt. etc., free energy, NESARA, people like you and me moving on to our true work, the wellness centers, us being on space ships, cities of light..on and on?? My list is disclosure, abundance technologies including free energy, rejuvenation, freedom including truth in all things and the end of duality systems including their replacement with oneness systems. An incomplete list of duality systems would be banks, economic slavery, Big Oil, corrupt governance, controlled media and many more. After humanity’s Ascension, a major cleansing will take place where each of these duality systems collapses and is replaced by oneness systems.
Ascension is now and has always been an inner change. The other is the outer change. Lightworkers and even those in the know like the supportive ETs and the Angelics have long believed the other stuff, the outer stuff would take place first and Ascension would follow on the December solstice. That did not happen and so the timeline we are on is to Ascend first, the inner change, and shortly thereafter – perhaps immediately thereafter embark on the other, the outer change. The two changes will still occur just in the reverse order. Timing of the outer change is all that has shifted primarily because the ruling elite refused to cooperate and refused to surrender. Containment was eventually used to oust them and affect their surrender. Containment began happening less than six months ago and it was deemed too late to follow the planned order of things and so Ascension is now first and the other, the outer shifts, will follow Ascension instead of the planned and preferred order of the other way around.

And so we are on the timeline of Ascend First – Shift Later. This possibility first occurred to me six weeks ago during a meditation and I followed the timeline through to Ascension and found no blockages or impediments. At the time, I said, The ‘ascend first, shift later’ version of the containment timeline exists and is viable. The blog ended with this statement: It is possible that humanity will ascend first and shift into oneness and abundance later. This is the timeline we followed and continue to follow.

Today is Ascension Day so let’s explore the inner process of Ascension in a little more detail. We are each unique and each will experience these inner changes in their own unique way. The essential thing is to increase the body’s ability to carry light as that is necessary to live in the fifth and higher dimensions. This has steadily been increasing in us all as energies were beamed from Source to everyone on the planet. This influx hit a high point today and we have all Ascended into the fifth dimension. Our home, Earth and Earth’s spirit Gaia, Ascended into the fifth dimension on 12-12-12 along with all the kingdoms on earth such as the mineral, animal and plant kingdoms. Humanity was the last to Ascend and now that is complete.

These inner shifts had some fine moments in my experience but nothing that could be called fireworks. In Calgary, the solstice occurred at 4.12 a.m. I was awakened two hours before and went through a kind of Buddha moment when I challenged the energies of doubt and claimed my worthiness to Ascend and take part in this historic moment. I remained awake through the solstice moment and experienced a new level of peacefulness and other as yet undefined shifts. At 11.11 local time, I experienced two flashes of light while meditating with my eyes closed. The significance of any of this is as yet undefined.

Happy days are here. May each of you enjoy your expanded inner realm and strap yourselves in for the outer shifts soon to follow.

Freedom for humanity…

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Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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