22-12-12 Nova Earth

One of my friends has strong ET connections and for the last thirty years she has had episodes of other worldly experiences as her mission and purpose for walking-in has been worked through her. Much of this has happened outside of her conscious knowing although in the past half dozen years she has done a lot of integration and taken back a great deal of her power that she had given away or had been taken away by duality’s restrictive medical practices and thought patterns.  

Her path over the past two years or so has seen her bring closure to many of her earth ties and she has been feeling less and less involved with an earth based existence. I am a safe place for her to share and to explore her experiences and her perceptions; and make my own contributions to her journey, principally holding space for the emergence of her authentic self.

For some time now, I have been getting that her walk-in contract is for her to take part in the Ascension experience and she will be leaving earth soon after to resume the existence she left in order to walk-in. My friend is not unique in this and many ‘star seeds’ will be leaving soon as their contributions to Ascension are now complete. With all the star ships in our skies, leaving will be a simple matter of boarding a star ship in ways similar to boarding an airplane or an ocean going ship.

In my case, I have long known that my ongoing experience after this new beginning that occurred sometime last night as we moved into 22-12-12 will be as part of Nova Earth, part of what I like to call Heaven on Earth. The task ahead is daunting as the timeline of Ascend First – Shift Later means that Nova Earth is a long way from the targeted Heaven on Earth.

That is precisely my intended focus – to play my role in the shifts that will bring Heaven on Earth…to Nova Earth. The resources available for this task are unparalleled. We have the Angelic Kingdom fully aligned and taking a lead role managing this transition. We have the supportive ETs in our skies in star ships from all over this galaxy and beyond. We have the Argarthans in Inner Earth who ascended long ago and have stood by in eager anticipation of reuniting with humanity, their sister civilization on the Earth’s surface. And most important of all, we have Ascended humanity who are now stepping into the instant creative abilities that go hand in hand with Nova Earth and the recently minted shifts that have taken place within each of us.

Part of the resources available to us is the 3D hologram that has been put together to act as a school for that portion of humanity that has chosen to ascend without doing their homework. This hologram is a new development and part of the considerable efforts expended to make ascension as inclusive as possible. Instead of alternatives such as bifurcation where a 3D Earth was created for those unwilling or unable to ascend, a holographic school was created where these people can complete their homework in a supportive environment that runs parallel to but does not interfere with the shifts necessary to bring Heaven to Nova Earth.

Just as containment was the perfect solution to the ruling elite’s refusal to surrender their power and participate in an orderly transfer of power to the Light; the holographic school is the perfect solution to deal with the lack of preparation done by much of humanity. In large part this lack of preparedness was because the systems as created by the ruling elite deprived humanity of access to information and of support systems for preparation. This is understandable from the standpoint of the ruling elite who knew their way of life was unavailable within the higher dimensions; ergo their failed efforts to prevent Ascension.

Yesterday was the end of the old era of duality and deception. Today we are born again into Nova Earth. Each will be making their choices having fulfilled a part of their soul’s contract e.g. to be present for Ascension. Some will move on to other ways of experiential living. Many will remain in the Nova Earth School of humanity and collectively we will bring Heaven on Earth…to Nova Earth.

Freedom for humanity…

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