23-12-12 A Chance to Dream

This morning’s dream/vision was of shelves filled with things and the things were dematerializing. First the top shelf and the things on it just dematerialized leaving an empty shelf, then the next and the next. What had been full of things I no longer used and felt no attachment to was now an empty shelf, actually several empty shelves. Even in the vision, the meaning was clear. I was released from my past and my possessions and can fill those empty shelves with whatever I so choose.

Other things happened to reinforce the importance of this activity. You see we are in a process and those fortunate enough to be aware have a dazzling opportunity at this time – the opportunity to dream and by focussing on that dream, the opportunity to call it forth from the ethers; the opportunity to create our dream.

You see the Ascension process is just that, a process. The intense energies of Ascension have come in waves. My experience has been as follows: The first wave on the 21st was the celebration; like a New Years Eve party and all day was a celebration; ‘We did it!!! We did it!!!’ The second wave on the 22nd was the dawning of Nova Earth and it came with a sense of responsibility. Yes, we did it, we Ascended but it was not an ending or even a means unto itself, it was a new beginning and the birthing of Nova Earth. Because humanity did very little in the way of preparation, Nova Earth comes into existence with all the trappings of duality and with obsolete systems of scarcity and fear all around us. There is much to be done.

The third wave is today, on the 23rd and today is all about the first stage of creating. Dreaming about what we want. Obsolete systems and energies will soon dematerialize like the things on the shelves of my vision. If I don’t know what I want to fill those empty shelves I will soon begin to fill them in a haphazard way and miss out on a great opportunity.

I resolve here and now to articulate what I want in my life and choose the things I desire for my personal and our shared timeline here on Nova Earth.

My dream for our shared timeline is easy…not because it required no thought or dreaming effort on my behalf but because that has been my life for the past several years. Figuring out what I wanted in terms of a shared timeline has been my occupation and my full time dedication since 2008 and has been my priority since 2004. My dream for humanity’s shared timeline is very well defined and you can read about in nearly every blog entry I have ever made. It revolves around three concepts which are abundance, oneness, and individual sovereignty. When you add them together you get freedom in its purest form. Freedom must respect the freedom of others or it is an illusion. Start with abundance and competition is unnecessary, add in oneness and violence (in all its forms) becomes unthinkable, and then crown it with individual sovereignty where each of us connects with Source and the greater good guidance that emanates from Source. That is the pure form of freedom and that is my dream for humanity’s shared timeline. That is my version of Heaven on Earth.


Okay…now the tough part…my individual timeline. First a short story. I was given a psychic reading in the fall of 2008 and I asked about a woman that had come into my life. ‘You are focused on the wrong thing’ said the psychic, ‘Do what you came to do first…then your personal life will fall into place.’ I sat with this for the next few days and knew it to be truth. This was an opportunity unprecedented and unparalleled in human existence and I became fully dedicated to living my mission; a dedication that continued to this day. Because of that dedication, I have spent little time on dreaming about what I want in my personal timeline…until today.

I take this opportunity to dream for myself and my personal timeline. What do I want that is not yet my reality? This time four things…First, I dream to meet and enter into a loving and committed relationship with a compatible woman, preferably my Completion. That has been promised me along the way once the ‘heavy lifting’ was done and the time seems to be now or at least very soon.  Second, I dream to have our own place where we live and spend time together beautifully appointed and decorated according to the taste of my Completion as I do not want that responsibility and happily coexist within another’s sense of beauty. Third, I dream to have easy access to friends and family, including ease of travel without restrictions and without hassle. In this dream, we (my Completion and I) can easily and quickly travel to visit our family and friends and they can just as easily and quickly visit us; and we can easily and quickly gather in groups of unlimited numbers for whatever purposes move us. Fourth, I dream of rejuvenating, of claiming my Adam Kadmon perfection that is the design template for this body and living indefinitely at whatever age I so choose.

Freedom for humanity…


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