Soon…Oh So Soon!!!

My daughter hosted the family Christmas celebrations over the last two days with a house full staying over on Christmas Eve including the five month old and the two year old and their mothers. It was a spiritual holiday for me and I joined in all the festivities except the alcohol consumption as my choice to be alcohol free in 2012 remains in place. I certainly ate too much and retired to bed early when everybody left after the supper meal on Christmas Day.

I woke with a start an hour after falling asleep by some malaise that felt similar to my body’s dehydration response. I drank the water I took to bed and got up for a refill and still the episode continued. Again around midnight my body woke me and I worked through another episode, again drinking a full water bottle. This happened twice more around one and at three thirty. Each episode was similar and the ‘what is this all about’ questions began to be answered as I lay awake dealing with the symptoms.

‘This is energetic, not physiological’ was the primary message. There was considerable pain and seemingly no control as the energies worked their way through me. I did my best to surrender and to facilitate the process. It was chakra based and most of the pain was in and around my heart chakra. I sleep with a crystal and found it facilitated things when I placed it on my throat chakra. At no time did fear set in and I stayed in good humor throughout, appreciating that I was somehow doing my part as a template for humanity on the leading edge of the energetic shift into oneness and the DNA shifts.

The three thirty episode was the longest and in some ways the most intense and it was about an hour before I was able to fall back to sleep.  I woke again around seven with mild symptoms which persist as I write this around ten a.m.

Before waking for the day around eight, I had a dream that has stayed with me. I am thrown into a state run informer’s system as exists in many parts of the world where people routinely inform against each other and speaking truth against the state results in persecution. In my dream I insist on transparency and campaign for freedom of expression, knowing this is dangerous. A shift takes place and I know I am safe from harm as are all others following my lead.

This is an amazing time we are in and what is even more amazing is that so few people have any conscious sense of the truth of that statement. All of the dozen or so adults who came and went during the Christmas festivities were seeing their life continue under the existing conditions, planning to continue to work within economic slavery and within the current illusion. One had economic freedom but could not imagine life without work as they have insufficient outside interests to make that a viable option. My answer to ‘what do you do?’ did not fill the inner emptiness this person felt and we agreed that without a heartfelt answer to this question, retirement was a bleak option with death by boredom soon to follow.

This is an amazing time we are currently in. Humanity has ascended; we now live on Nova Earth and we now have the capability of creating our preferred timeline both individually and collectively. All that remains is for us to do so. The dreaming I did on the 23rd has somehow energized my soul and called all that I dreamed of into gestation. The existing energies of duality and of the obsolete illusion now sit like the morning mist at the dawn of warm sunny day and will soon succumb to the bright rays of the Sun and to the higher dimensions of Nova Earth.

When? I own that I have been consistently optimistic in terms of predicted the timing for the shift and that trend may be continuing. Transitional energies such as those that worked through me last night must at some point become humanity’s shared reality. Speaking my truth must at some point be matched by physical shifts within our shared reality.

When? I know it will be soon; but I do not know the timing of soon. Humanity has done the hard work and we now collectively live in a higher dimension that does not support scarcity and fear, that does not support mortgages or debt, that does not support fossil fuels or control of the media, that does not support economic slavery or the lie that we are alone in this galaxy or even alone on Earth. When will all these unsupported things evaporate like the morning mist on a warm sunny day? Soon…Oh so soon!!!

Freedom for humanity…

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