Ascension is a Process

Just got some information that made a great deal of sense to me and fits very well with my personal experience. Essentially, Ascension is a process that will be ongoing for quite some time, months for sure and perhaps years. 21-12-12 was a gateway into the process of Ascension and an initiation of the inner process within each of us. It is true that everyone alive on earth has been initiated into Ascension. It is also true that many, in fact most, have yet to Ascend. All of this fits nicely with the Ascend First – Shift Later timeline and humanity continues to progress along this timeline. It is also true that shifts are about to begin in ways both large and small and the ruling elite no longer has the power to prevent these shifts. The title of the Ascend First – Shift Later timeline assumes and suggests that Ascension is an event, something that happens in the time span of a few hours but the truth is that humanity’s Ascension is a process, something that happens over many days, months or even years.

What is not yet true is that all of humanity has ascended as of 21-12-12. Truth according to this new interpretation is that all of humanity have initiated Ascension and the process is underway. It seems I am to call this timeline the Ascension is a Process timeline. I spent some time exploring this timeline into humanity’s future and it feels smooth and well fitting, like a well tailored suit. This feels much more natural than the instant ascension timeline associated with the 21-12-12 expectations.

The distinction of two processes, an inner process called Ascension and an outer process called the shifts remains valid. What changes in the Ascension is a Process timeline is the expectations surrounding the inner process of Ascension. Instead of happening as an event on 21-12-12, Ascension happens as a process over a period of time initiated by the Ascension event on 21-12-12. We have each received this initiation and the process of Ascension is underway in each of us. Because we are each unique the process will happen uniquely in each of us. One of the major variables is the length of the process. For some it has already happened. For others it is well underway and will be completed soon. For yet others it is initiated but waiting supporting shifts and events. Yet others are in hiatus, continuing their 3D learning in the holographic school that has been provided and they will Ascend once graduating. The possibilities are diverse and unique to each of us.

I have long known that Ascension was a process and that process has been underway for many years. My expectation was that it would be complete as of 21-12-12, the December solstice and that expectation blinded me to what is actually taking place. The process of Ascension continues and will continue well into 2013 and likely for years to come. What we had on the solstice was a mass initiation of the Ascension process and a launch into the Ascension is a Process timeline.

Lets follow the Ascension is a Process timeline for the rest of this year and into 2013. The ruling elite no longer have the ability to prevent the shifts into oneness and abundance and those things are cued up and ready to go. Humanity will experience these shifts soon including disclosure of our ET supporters. It seems likely that the ruling elite’s control of the media will end during that shift and even more likely is that the work Lightworker’s came to do will be broadly supported and widely available – not only in the G20 countries but all over the world. Abundance will end the ruling elite’s repression and exploitation of third world countries and the treadmill of economic slavery will end for all of humanity. The end of economic slavery will open up possibilities for all kinds of personal routes to Ascension. Cities of Light will become part of our shared experience with all kinds of healing and wellness centers. The ETs will interact freely and joyously with humanity furthering individual and collective Ascension agendas.

We are all one will become a shared truth and humanity will move as one into Ascension…supporting each other and sharing Ascension experiences. In the timeline before the Fall of Atlantis, all of this would have taken place before 21-12-12, before the December Solstice and Ascension would have been an event. The Ascension is a Process timeline shifts Ascension in time. Instead of doing the preparation work before the initiation event that occurred on the solstice, humanity is now on the timeline of doing their preparation after being initiated. Same end result where all of humanity Ascends into the higher dimensions on their fifth dimension home planet of Earth; just a different route.

Welcome to the timeline of Ascension is a Process. May peace, abundance and joy be your experience.

Freedom for humanity…

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  1. regulargrl says:

    Thank you. Peace, abundance and joy to you, as well.

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