New Year’s Eve and Ascension

Gaia, the living organism know as Earth which is humanity’s home here in the vastness of the universe has undergone a great shift over the past twelve years and as of 12-12-12 Gaia was powered up to serve as the home for life forms in a higher and Lighter dimension known as the fifth dimension.   

Humanity was designed to exist and thrive as a physical race within Gaia in the fifth dimension with all kinds of skills and capabilities that are rare or nonexistent within today’s populace. Eons ago, the Gaia experiment was taken over by service to self races as the spoils of war and the experiment was high jacked by service to self masters targeting subjugation and control. A masterful illusion was installed based on separation and duality and humanity lived for thousands of years within that illusion.

Humanity has free will and collectively decides their own fate. In the past sixty years our collective consciousness has edged upwards and the Light began to win consciousness battles after the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. This allowed the long ago plan for Ascension of humanity as a sentient species on Gaia to proceed despite the interference and opposition continued by humanity’s service to self masters. This opposition continued well into 2012 and resulted in a fluid plan for humanity’s Ascension that saw frequent changes with each advance in the collective consciousness Light quotient carried by humanity.

Gaia’s skies have long been filled with supportive extraterrestrials (ETs) both physical and non-physical who have honored humanity’s collective free will while providing coordinated assistance as the fluid Ascension plan progressed. Because of limited consciousness and the opposition from our service to self masters, communications of this plan have been sporadic and many of the ‘on the ground’ Lightworkers developed expectation that were not fulfilled. The largest of these surrounded the December solstice of 2012, now a week old.

My expectation, shared by many Lightworkers was that this date would usher in the higher dimensions and permanently end scarcity, separation and duality. My expectation was of mind-blowing shifts in consciousness providing a paved way into abundance and oneness.

Some short time ago, over the past three or four months, the miracle of containment allowed Source and our supportive ETs to target inclusiveness in Ascension. All of humanity would be given the opportunity to Ascend and none would be left behind except by choice. Because so much of humanity has been held ‘in the dark’ and either have no clue about Ascension or been led  to believe it is new age hokum, a more gradual approach to Ascension was chosen in order to slowly introduce it to the masses and maximize the likelihood of each person accepting the gift of Ascension. The more gradual approach appears to include a planned disintegration of existing duality systems and their replace with oneness systems so humanity will orchestrate its own transition in these matters. In this gradual approach, Disclosure is delayed until humanity has done the appropriate ground work and humanity’s collective consciousness is open to welcoming interactions and ET assistance.

Raising of the collective consciousness will similarly be gradual both for the collective but more importantly for each individual. Instead of a mind blowing experience on the solstice, each of us will experience incremental shifts over a period of weeks or months, perhaps years in some cases. This gradual approach includes the lifting of various veils to reveal our soul’s history and Akashic Records.

It is important to observe that we are no longer on a war footing. The battle for Ascension has been fought and won by the Light and our past masters are now all surrendered or under containment. We are now in the transition phase. Gaia is cooperating by continuing to hold open aspects of the third dimensional matrix to provide a gradual transition out of these obsolete systems. The supportive ETs are cooperating by remaining ‘invisible’ and continuing to operated in the background rather than taking center stage.

Most of all, humanity is cooperating by having the growing Lightworking community continue the various services they had been providing and continue to cooperate in a myriad of ways to bring Ascension gradually to the human collective. For me this has meant stepping back into the traces and accepting my continuing role as a way shower and pathfinder for humanity’s Ascension.

A major shift has already occurred in my energy field and I accept this extension of my tour of duty with joy and a peaceful heart.

Freedom for humanity…

About freedom4humanity

Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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