A New Year Dawns

One of my friends is having making ends meet issues. The problem is not immediate but down the road a few days or weeks as the hoped for shifts did not occur at the solstice and it is anyone’s guess when these shifts will occur. Like many Lightworkers, she threw all her eggs into the basket of being fully ready for the shifts of the solstice and they did not happen in ways that resolved her economic issues. She is experiencing all kinds of shifts energetically but also finding that money making opportunities within her chosen field are not materializing and a cash crunch is looming.

What an interesting journey she is on and it feels the same over here in my individuation of the human collective. I use these words to make the point that we are all one and we are all collectively on this journey going into oneness and abundance. That much I know without doubt which does not mean it is Truth, only that it is my truth without doubt – not because I fight doubt or deny doubt but because whenever I check there simply is no doubt…Collectively we are on a journey into oneness and abundance. How we get there and how long it takes both collectively and as individuals seems very much up in the air. 
My case is different from my friend’s during this transition in a significant way. I have enough…I already live in abundance and lack for nothing that money can buy. I am not rich and it could be argued that I cannot afford to travel or have a vehicle; but that is neither here nor there as my choice is to live without traveling and without a vehicle and this I am happily doing. I have enough and so my world is one of abundance already. So much so that I have not yet applied for my Canadian pension for which I will be eligible after I turn sixty-five in April. Whenever I check, I get that I will not be needing that pension so why bother. There is something more there as well; perhaps it is my optimism speaking and it is possible that I have the timing wrong once again and we may well get to April and beyond without the shifts taking place. Still, I can live abundantly on the income streams available to me already so I have no need of the Canada pension money. Abundance has been my inner truth since making major shifts in 2008. At the level of abundance, it seems to me that Canada Pension is part of scarcity. Within abundance all such scarcity schemes evaporate and applying is playing the scarcity game; something I choose not to do. 

 All of this is just sharing and acknowledging that the individual paths of my friend and me are different in this way. In my case, abundance is already in place in my life…I have enough. In her case, survival is still an issue until the transition advances to the point where abundance clicks into place for her. I have no particular advice or even any thoughts about how she can traverse the shifting sands of this transition until such time as abundance becomes her reality. Meanwhile, I continue to make my contribution of holding space in that place of no doubt that her abundance is coming and coming soon.


This is a significant day today; the dawning of a New Year. My personal experience of this first day of the year is significantly different from my experience a year ago. I was drinking back then and feeling the effects. I also had a few drinks on New Year’s Day a year ago and while meditating with alcohol still in my system it came to me that drinking was interfering with my path. I chose to quit and have not had a drink since.

I have been telling people I was not going to drink in 2012 and someone asked me last night if I would start drinking again now that 2013 was here? When I check, I find my vow to not drink is related to being a pathfinder and a way shower. As long as that remains my role I will not drink and it feels as though once that role is over drinking will be unattractive in many ways, especially energetically.
Within oneness and abundance there is no reason to drink. Interesting…

Freedom for humanity…


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