Entertaining Doubts

I went to see Les Miserables twice yesterday. It was a holiday, New Year’s Day, and bargain Tuesday all rolled into one and there were lineups everywhere. Les Miz was sold out and nothing else much appealed so I headed back home. Just after getting back the phone rang and it was one of my friends wanting to talk about spirituality and the solstice.

We almost did not get around to his true agenda as it required a certain openness on my part and I nearly fell into the trap of arguing my point of view rather than listening to understand. My friend has been a staunch supporter of all things spiritual and I was caught unprepared for what he had to say on this occasion.

The solstice without fireworks was a real body blow in his case and he was exploring the territory of ‘What if it is all a hoax? What if life is meant to be hard in this dimension? What if all that exists is what we can detect with our five senses and all of my other worldly experiences are delusional?’ Once I realized the depth of my friend’s doubt, I dropped my agenda and placed all my efforts into fully understanding his doubt; restricting myself to questions as I made a genuine attempt to understand the position my friend was outlining. This was difficult as I have had my own doubts and it felt dangerous to participate openly and expose myself to this way of thinking, but dangerous or not I followed my principles and transcended my fears.

What about free energy? A hoax and the same with the ETs and Angelics…all based on stories told which germinated these delusional responses within me. What about Obama? He is not going to do anything and things will remain as they are with all the world’s ills. You and I will come back again in another lifetime and make another failed attempt to shift things. This dimension is intended to be hard as that is how we learn.  What about your experience at the accident site and the walk-in? All based on the stresses of the situation, all a coping mechanism. What about the new teacher you are working with? Is that relationship related to your doubts? Yes, he is challenging some of my other worldly perceptions and their manifestation within my experience; calling them unreal. What about the channeling you have done and the most recent channeling you did only days ago? It may be related to my doubts. Would you look at what I have posted on my Facebook page and let me know what you think?

At times like this I get very attuned to my guidance and I said, ‘I can give you feedback on that question right now if that is what you would like me to do.’ ‘Please do’, said my friend. I went into the silence and checked out the energy of the Facebook page and asked my guides for guidance in terms of responding in ways that served Truth and the greater good. I am getting that what you are doing right now related to your doubts is extremely important. Stay the course. I am also getting that the channeled material is unrelated to these doubts…they are separate issues.

When I access higher consciousness in this way it is often profound for the other person and that was the case on this occasion. We had nothing more to say to each other except to thank each other and express our love and support; and the call ended.

I arranged to see the late show of Les Miz with two of my daughter’s, both huge fans of the music and the stage show. In their youth, they had divvied up the parts and sung all the songs as if staging their own performance. One had read the book and added that knowledge to the mix. The show itself was profound for me and kept flashing back to the earlier conversation. The failed revolution was especially poignant. We will see the people rise…is the hope of the young revolutionaries. This does not happen and they are crushed and annihilated. What if this revolution goes similarly?

Somehow I know the Light will prevail in the present living. I do not know how or when only that the Light will prevail and that I am part of that success. Entertaining the doubts of another did not raise doubts of my own. In some ways I have already travelled the path being followed now by my friend. There was Light at the end of my tunnel of doubt and I hold space for a similar passageway for my friend.

Love and Light.

Freedom for humanity…


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