Honoring the Inner Shift

Many people are understanding that this shift is presently all about our inner shift; taking place in each of us. That caught me a little off guard…even though I have spent the last eight plus years focusing on my inner shifts and becoming authentic in accordance with my essence, the inner oriented nature of this shift has taken me by surprise. Not entirely by surprise as I knew Ascension to be an inner shift but I did not expect Ascension to be so entirely inner without supporting evidence in the outside world.
It seems today is a day to honor my inner shifts and to do that I go back to the meditation retreats that were such a big part of my life in 06-07. The sixty plus days I spent in meditation over about an 18 month period from May 06 to November 07 awakened me to my inner world and to the beauty, truth and power that resided within. Inner beauty, truth and power are true of each of us but few in today’s world are awakened to their inner world. Many are awakening and that is what this shift is currently about as people wake up and their inner world has become more and more their focus. An inner focus is vital for the path humanity is taking into Ascension, into moving into the higher dimensions and into multidimensionality.
Like many, I was hopeful that the solstice would bring evidence of an outer shift that would ‘wake up’ the masses and provide me at long last with something I could point to and disarm the critics, something that would cause people to seek me out and recognize as truth what I have been saying for years now: Humanity is shifting into oneness and abundance which leaves behind duality and scarcity. Take my hand and together we will walk into this beautiful new world, this Heaven on Earth. See, I am abundant, I am timeless, I am rejuvenated, I travel outside of space and time…you too can be and do these things…take my hand.
That did not happen at the solstice…but something amazing did happen. An inner shift was initiated in me and in fact in everyone. In those who are ready, that inner shift is being manifest as we speak. It is messy. It is uncomfortable. It is unknown territory and therefore feared by many. But it is happening.

This inner shift will happen in each of us in unique ways as we are each unique. Even in those who are unawakened and those who are in denial it will happen. Being unaware or in denial will slow the process and may even cause detours but these inner shifts will happen in every human alive on Earth at this time because being on Earth is also being within Gaia, the great earth spirit, and Gaia will leave no one behind.

These shifts and the higher dimensions they usher in are targeting inclusivity. No one came to Earth in this incarnation without full awareness of the coming shift and each in their own way agreed to be a part of the shift. Those who are unawakened or in denial have simply lost their way and Gaia, with humanity’s help, is providing ways and means of coddling those who have lost their way until such time as they can awaken and accept what their soul has always known…They came to Ascend. They came to take part in this historic universal event; the event of moving from the density of the lower dimensions into the Light and oneness of the higher dimensions. Not just one or two or even a group of people but a whole planet and the entirety of humanity.
That is an awesome undertaking and it is happening. Can you feel it? Look within as that is where it is happening for each of us.
As each of us shifts into the person they want to be, this shift is taking place within them. Eventually, all those inner shifts…in you, in me, in people all over the world will be manifest in an outer shift and our collective reality will become aligned to the inner beauty in each of us. That is Heaven on Earth.

Freedom for humanity…


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