A Serial Dream

I have been having serial dreams some nights where one theme is carried through the entire night in episodes or segments. Last night was one of these. I have a background in metallurgy having worked nearly twenty years upon graduating in a metallurgical plant making copper and zinc. The first step in the process was milling where the ore from the mines was ground to fine powder and the minerals bearing the copper and zinc were floated off the top using two ended reagents. One end attached itself to the mineral while the other end attached itself to air that was bubbled into the float and caused the mineral to be lighter than water and float. The tailings, worthless rock, stayed behind and were discarded.  

The milling stream had some middlings that were low grade but had too much value to be discarded. These were recycled back to the head of the process and upgraded to join the final products from the mill, copper and zinc concentrates. My dream focused on a middling stream and I found that this particular stream was an iron based mineral, like fools gold, that had no value in our process and simply downgraded the final product. In my dream, I discovered this and campaigned to end the recycling of this middling stream, sending it direct to the waste stream.

What was the meaning? This is a stream of humanity that appears to have no value but this is an illusion and it is somehow important that this stream continue to be treated as middlings and recycled for upgrading instead of short circuiting this stream directly to waste. All part of the inclusiveness of Ascension. Yes, it makes the process messy and complicated but that is a small price to pay for the value added.

Interesting. I do not yet know the application but it is fair warning that my inclination to simplify and discard is inappropriate within the Ascension flow chart. Inclusiveness is the target and prices such as complications and apparent downgrades of the final product are all to be accepted. These downgrades pay huge dividends down the road in ways I am unable to understand in my current limited consciousness. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Another little mystery is a tickle in my throat chakra that is causing intermittent coughing. I know it to be a signal but do not yet know the message therein contained. Something about speaking my truth…

My daughter has had something similar for several weeks. What is this all about? I ask Source and my guides to bring me this information so I can respond accordingly. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

The penny just dropped!

In the spring of 2011, I left the influence of someone I now consider a charlatan or worse. That choice was entirely appropriate for me and it greatly facilitated the ease of my journey and the quality of the contributions I have been able to make. About a year later, I was reconnected with a facebook group who are all current or former followers of this charlatan. The group has been the main source of information for me allowing me to continue my practice of letting the universe send me all that I need to know. The group does not include the charlatan leader and is open to dissenting views so I have not been sanctioned when I speak my truth.

An irritant for me is that some of the streams within the group continue to treat the charlatan as bona fide but I generally just ignore those streams, speaking up only when asked or when someone else leads out with their own evidence against the charlatan. A recent post is from a staunch follower and it appears the charlatan and his partner are attempting to claim a leadership role in this post solstice vacuum.

Should I speak up and speak out against these charlatan’s?  Is that the tickle in my throat chakra? Enter the middlings stream. If I had my way, I would discard the stream this charlatan is leading, sending it directly to waste and Ascension would proceed without it; all of us better for this choice in my opinion. That was what my dream was all about. I am to accept this stream and hold my peace. This middlings stream has some value that is not apparent to me. I am not to enter into this stream but I am not to interfere either. Just allow it to run its course and provide the hidden value therein contained to be manifest.

What that will be I do not know. Perhaps there is truth in what the charlatan is espousing. Perhaps the charlatan is providing a learning environment for stalwart followers. That is not for me to know. What is for me to know is to allow. This is a stream within the larger flow chart and I am not to interfere and certainly not to put any effort into stopping this stream, thereby ending its hidden contributions.

Freedom for humanity…


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