Shifting into Oneness

These last couple of days have been intense as some kind of shift is taking place within me. My experience was similar to a cold of flu without the symptoms, but with that same lack of energy and lack of motivation to do anything.  Today is better so the integration of these energies is nearing completion.

What has shifted? It is very subtle so I can’t really say. I am looking for shifts and would certainly report any that I could identify but the subtle nature of these shifts continues. I know I am not the same, but how am I shifted? That defies expression. Mastery is like that. I have met a few people claiming mastery during my spiritual quest and toyed briefly with claiming mastery myself but I knew then and I know now that such claims are bogus and if we truly want to progress into mastery, we have to start by eschewing such claims. The universe always has new lessons for us and mastery is a journey, not a destination.

The Ascension is a Process timeline is similarly subtle. Right now is all about inner change and duality continues to hold sway in the outer world. Will that shift? Absolutely!!! When will that shift? I do not know. How will that shift? I do not know; but I do know some of the ways the shift will not happen.

War and violence are things of the past. This does not imply that they will not occur here and there as they are part of duality but they will not be the instrument of the shift or play any significant role within the shift. That is still being predicted in various places by various people but these predictions are not tied into the energies of Ascension. The law of attractions says that like attracts like. War and violence attract more of the same. Since the shift is all about peace and joy, the only way it can be ushered in is through peaceful and joyous means. Since the shift is all about oneness, the shift cannot be ushered in through violence because violence is abhorrent within oneness. Violence in any of its forms simply cannot be sanctioned or condoned within oneness and we are moving into oneness.

When containment was introduced into the equation early last summer, all such probable and possible timelines began to collapse and by now, these timelines carry no power. Essentially these timelines have collapsed and our other worldly supporters are ensuring that none of these timelines is revived.

Report after report from the higher dimensions carries the same essential message. Humanity achieved a great victory of the Light during the solstice and viewed from the higher dimensions and from non-physicality humanity is on the express train to becoming a higher dimensional civilization. I cannot view it from that higher perspective and I cannot point to any solid evidence that shifts are taking place; however, at the level of energy I concur.

At the level of energy I have no doubt humanity made great progress in December and that progress is a new foundation upon which to build and create our shared future. This future is one of love, peace, abundance and oneness…and the methods by which these qualities are achieved will be methods consistent with these objectives. No one and nothing stands in our way. Those who used to rule humanity and oppose Ascension have been contained and are being rehabilitated or have left the planet. In either case, they no longer have the ability to oppose the coming shifts.

Because humanity has made such splendid progress energetically, those guiding the process have chosen to allow humanity to do what needs doing without public intervention from our ET supporters. This has delayed Disclosure until such time as the shifts have engaged the public and humanity is in a position of welcoming our ET friends.

What that process will look like is currently anybody’s guess.  I have volunteered my services in any way that serves the greater good and I stand in readiness. Right now what is being given me to do is integrate the higher energies being sent my way and that is what I am doing.

Freedom for humanity…


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2 Responses to Shifting into Oneness

  1. Freedom for humanity is ours in that I have no doubt! I have felt the shift. I have seen a different energy all around me and I have experienced amazing and wonderfully spiritual awakenings these last several months. Much more than I normally do. I am so happy to hear you say “I don’t know when, how, or where…I only know it is so.” Beautiful soul.

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