Inclusive Ascension Timeline

On December 18th, I wrote these words dealing with the inclusive nature of humanity’s Ascension process:

The Angelic Kingdom have been granted the lead role in coordinating the supporting efforts of all the help being provided to humanity and the Angelics have long targeted inclusiveness in the Ascension process. That means they have targeted methods which will allow every person on Earth at this time to Ascend. That is a mouthful is it not? Every person on Earth at this time can Ascend if that is their choice. Wow. What a concept. People who have done no preparation can Ascend if they so choose. People whose behavior will be totally dysfunctional in the higher dimensions can Ascend if they so choose. People who have not learned lessons only available within the lower dimensions can Ascend if they so choose. How is this possible?

Since then, bits and pieces of information have been coming in adding clarity to the Inclusive Ascension timeline. As the December solstice approached a number of timelines were possible with a frontrunner being to have a big Ascension Event where humanity was divided into two streams. Those ready for Ascension would ascend and those who were not would be relocated to a bifurcated Earth remaining behind in the third dimension. As game time neared, the percentage to ascend in this scenario was around the one third mark.

To everyone’s surprise, as game time approached, a great cry rose up from humanity and specifically from those slated to ascend saying, ‘I do not want to ascend without my friends and loved ones. I want them to come with me into Ascension. I do not want them left behind. Can something be done so this can happen?’ This outpouring of love and inclusiveness was heard at the highest levels, even by Source and a dialogue something like this took place:

‘Can something be done?’ asked humanity.

‘Yes, another timeline is available and Gaia is willing to maintain the lower level matrix in order to facilitate the objective of inclusivity so it can be done. However, it will create significant delays and hardships you will have to continue to bear.’   

‘We have suffered so long…what is a little longer? What is this inclusive alternative?’

‘It will mean humanity will have to make the shifts into oneness themselves. It will mean higher consciousness will have to occur more slowly so humanity remains homogonous. It will mean a continuation of the current illusion of scarcity and duality in the near term.’

‘My free will choice is to accept these delays and these hardships so my loved ones can be part of Ascension.’

 ‘And so it is!!!’

And so we entered into the Inclusive Ascension timeline. Instead of a singular event waking humanity from the darkness as had been long predicted with a great dislocation and much fanfare; humanity and Gaia entered into the Inclusive Ascension timeline with a great many unanswered questions but one great and abiding principle.

Every person on Earth at this time can Ascend. This has been agreed in principle and we are now into our third week of feeling our way along this timeline. In the short term, the doubters are reinforced as the solstice came and went without fanfare and without fireworks. In the short term, humanity appears to be continuing life as usual, continuing life within the illusion of scarcity and duality.

In the short term, Lightworkers the world over are feeling like the air has been let out of their balloon as what they had expected and in some cases predicted of the solstice did not come to pass. In the short term, Lightworkers continue to shoulder great hardship made all the worse in some cases by putting all our eggs in the basket of monumental shifts as of the solstice.

What I am now understanding is that this short term hardship is our choice, humanity’s choice…in fact the Lightworker’s choice. We cried out for an inclusive Ascension and those cries were heard and honored.

I am thrilled with this last minute change of plans and commit to do whatever is asked of me in terms of seeing the Inclusive Ascension timeline through to a glorious conclusion resulting in Heaven on Nova Earth for all of humanity.

Freedom for humanity…


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