Transitioning into Five D

Wow, the twists and turns of these last few days have been intense. I got sick…for someone that has not been sick for two years and ‘does not get sick’ this has been quite the experience. It is a cold or at least most of the cold symptoms and Wednesday was the most intense. I napped the day away and slept about fourteen hours that night, all the time feeling sick as a dog and we have four dogs at present as my veterinarian daughter is spending a week in the Caymans.

When I ask, I get that Source wanted me ‘out of the way’ as shifts were taking place in me and being so sick left me little choice. I just did my best to minimize the effects and move thru them and had no inclination or energy to get in the way of anything. It is of course not my intention to get in the way of the inner shifts that are happening but I guess the observer in me was to be sidelined and the sickness was the way it was done. I don’t take medication of any kind so it was very much an old fashioned experience. LOL

On Thursday, I could feel myself on the recovery curve but still with no energy and concerns that the cold would settle into my respiratory system. I napped through the day and although it snowed two or three inches the night before there was no way I was up to shoveling the driveway. Sure enough, around six p.m. the doorbell rang. With four dogs in the house this creates a chaotic situation and one of the dogs is put on a leash because she is very aggressive although would not harm someone. ‘Can I shovel your driveway?’ said the young man. We agreed on a price and presto, it was done. The universe provides. 🙂
I went to bed at my normal time and fell asleep only to awaken an hour later in a state of great abundance and perfect health. These vibes continued for a couple of hours and I just went with the flow unable to sleep but not at all concerned, playing with the abundance and enjoying perfect health in every cell of my body. Wow…a new experience and definitely five D, confirming my impression that the sickness was a way of quieting my three D remnants so shifts could take place within me. This state of joy and bliss faded and I fell back into a fitful sleep, waking frequently and again on a recovery curve. Hard to say which was the illusion, the five D perfect health or the three D recovery curve, and this morning I am ninety percent and improving all the time and my reality is ‘normal’; likely a mixture of third and fifth dimensions.
My daughter and I talked about moving and she gave me a deadline of the end of April…so lots of time. When it happens, it will happen quickly or at least that has been my moving experience of late. I travel light so it is really just a matter of the universe making an offer and I will be moved within days. My last move was from Toronto to Calgary in 2008. Things were going great in Toronto until a Saturday night when my business partner and I had a dustup. Monday morning I was on the road to Calgary all fully supported by my guides and by the universe. I don’t get attached to places so moving is easy…
Got more confirmation today that Gaia is maintaining a three D holographic ‘school’ and the way it was explained was that the goings on within this holograph do not negatively impact Gaia. The unawakened within humanity live in this school and its entire purpose is to teach them the life lessons they need in order to awaken and join the rest of us in five D. Moving into five D is being slowed for everyone so the disparity between the awakened and the unawakened remains manageable. Interesting process. 

Energetically, the world is shifting fast. Many are having five D experiences and their inner world is blossoming in new and exciting ways. It is all completely new to us and we do not know what each new experience will bring and especially do not know what may come next. In the big picture, all this inner awakening is putting more and more pressure on the obsolete systems of duality and a major and unprecedented shift is moving seamlessly into place. That shift will see the illusion of scarcity and duality end and the first domino in this process cannot be far off. When the first domino goes the shifts will be fast and furious and usher in Nova Earth with abundance and oneness.

That has long been my heart’s desire for humanity and it opens the way for my personal heart’s desire to become manifest.

Freedom for humanity…


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