Let the Shift Begin!!!

A few days ago, a friend posted some speculation as to why his particular brand of Ascension has not happened as yet; along with the hope that the path he has supported filled with failed predications would prove of value in the end. He is part of a group following leaders who I believe to be charlatans and at first, my mind went into judgement. ‘Why can’t this friend and rest of these people see the truth? How many failed predictions does this leader have to make before they see the ‘truth’ that their leader is a charlatan?’

Hmmm…these same thought patterns have been addressed toward me by many of my family and friends, especially non-believers but also believers when my guidance has differed from what they consider ‘sound council’. In general, these patterns originate in judgement which originates in our mind and in our ego and is based on fear and scarcity.

I now have the ability to bypass judgement and go directly to my heart and to the inner wisdom within and I chose to use this ability to see how I felt at this level of higher wisdom. What I found was compassion as my friend’s chosen path is filled with doubters and naysayers and making what seems to be excuses when our shared reality differs from their predictions. I also found disempowerment which was both the root of my judgemental response and the source of my heart based compassion. The charlatan my friend follows is skilled at disempowering his followers. Disempowerment and elitism is my main evidence against this leader being what he claims to be. True leaders of Ascension operate from empowerment because that is how Source operates.  

Armed with this greater wisdom, I was able to bypass my judgements and make a heartfelt response to my friend’s post; a response that connected into the compassion I was feeling and reminded by friend of his great inner power and that he was disempowered by choice.

Another friend, who is based in Asia, travelled to the sacred American sites of the Inca’s and the Mayan’s during the weeks before and including the solstice which seemed to infuse them with an inner power. We are not currently in direct communications but this friend is now standing up and being counted on issues they formerly dodged and I have the sense that the personal example I have set of doing likewise has been influential.

I know from personal experience the difficulty of continuing to stand in one’s power when the five senses evidence provides no corroboration. I frequently come under attacks from status quo supporters who demand five senses evidence corroborating my point of view. My evidence comes from two sources, my personal experience and my ‘reading’ of energy frequencies. My personal experience is available only to me and definitely does not count as five senses evidence. My reading of energy frequencies is something others can access but is subtle and easily denied by the status quo supporters. Reading of energy is accessing the unseen world and does not constitute evidence in the five senses worldview.

And so, lacking corroboration my detractors and I agree to disagree. I trust my experience above all else and I have grown to trust my ability to read energy. Still, it is a lonely and often solitary road we Lightworkers currently travel. The ‘five senses’ worldview remains en vogue, taught us as youngsters and reinforced at every opportunity.

Will our shared reality as some point reflect the shifts in energy that have happened and continue to happen? Absolutely…reality follows energy and not the other way around. Our shared reality now has the energy of oneness and abundance and these will soon be manifest within our shared reality.

How much longer must we Lightworkers labour without corroborating evidence from within our shared reality? Like my friend making excuses for failed predictions, this is my personal source of failed predictions. We are now three plus weeks past the solstice and my predictions of soon…oh so soon are wearing a little thin. Like many Lightworkers feeling let down by the lack of five senses corroboration during the solstice I am growing weary.

Not so weary I will not stand or so weary I cannot hold the space, but weary none the less. I am oh so ready for the shift into oneness and abundance. Let the shift begin!!!

Freedom for humanity…


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