Intention is my primary tool for manifesting what I desire into the world of form. Because I use intention for everything I desire, there is a nesting that takes place. Here is a present example: I intend to bring oneness and abundance to all of humanity. I intend to shift into being and becoming a multidimensional being living in my human body. I intend to be a pathfinder and a way shower as all of humanity shifts into becoming multidimensional beings living in human bodies. I intend to always serve the greater good; and when my resources are at stake, I intend to serve the greatest good. I make and reinforce these intentions constantly and let the universe sort out the methods and timing.

For some time I have felt held back in my intention to become a multidimensional being; held back in terms of being internally ready but it is not yet in my field or becoming my personal reality. That shifted a few days ago and the process now seems underway. Why would I be delayed even though I am ready? Because another of my intentions is served by this ‘artificial delay’. That is why I leave the universe in charge of the timing and avoid obsessing on any particular intention. I simply do not have the overview to make appropriate timing judgements from my vantage point of limited consciousness.

 When the universe decides it is time for some shift to take place in me, I cooperate without judgement. The universe knows my intentions and I trust the universe implicitly to operate on the bases of my intentions. That is how the universe operates so I do no second guessing.

About a week ago, the universe began to make shifts within me and within my field. I do not know the nature of these shifts but it seems likely they are related to becoming a multidimensional being living in my human body. This is all new to me so the sensations are new as are the experiences. On top of that I came down with a cold and the message was ‘surrender fully into the process’. This I have done.

The process has been intense. I have not gone walking even for a short walk to my favorite coffee shop in over a week. Last night, my daughter wanted the house to herself for the evening and my intention was to walk over my middle daughter’s house as she is vacationing in the Cayman’s; but the universe intervened and caused a delay so I ended up driving over instead. It seems I am to focus on this inner shift and not become distracted in any way.

Last night was particularly intense. Awake for an hour around 2.30 with the energies of the shift buzzing in my body and then a fitful sleep awake every hour for reasons not clear to me. At every opportunity I reinforced my intention to surrender to the process.

My days are filled with naps and I barely have the energy to feed myself. My diet has shifted away from anything spicy or hard to digest. I don’t get headaches but my head and especially my third eye chakra, both front and back, are carrying unfamiliar and intense energies.

What is happening? It is all new to me, both the experience and the territory that is opening up, so I cannot really say. Perhaps I am becoming multidimensional. Perhaps it is a step along the way. Perhaps neither is happening and it is related to another of my intentions. Because I operate from intention and leave everything else up to the universe, it really does not matter. My ‘job’ is to do what is given me to do and presently the universe is very clear and unambiguous. Integrate these incoming shifts and surrender completely to that process. That is what I am doing.

Freedom for humanity…


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