Only Love has Meaning

Had another serial dream last night, a dream that carries on over several segments often broken up by periods of wakefulness. In one segment, I was a visitor in an unfamiliar land with people I did not know and I was bringing them news and information. (3D?)

In another segment I was witness to people treating each other in very dysfunctional ways. It was victim behavior played out between two people with one carving up the other and the other taking it, believing they had no choice in the matter. I also listened to people describe such situations from the victim perspective. (3D?)

In another I was in an absolute state of despair as hopelessness permeated all there was. All was empty, all worthless, all without redeeming value. Yikes and Yuk! I woke from this segment in a very violent coughing fit feeling these same emotions throughout my body and in a cold sweat. I took a drink of water and the coughing subsided. Wow… I lay there bathed in perspiration physically and in desperation emotionally before falling back to sleep. (3D hologram in 5D?)

Another was being in that same unfamiliar land with the same people but things had shifted. The victimizer would begin their routine and the intended victim would step in and make it clear that behaviour no longer works. Somehow this was understood by the victimizer and the behaviour ended. This was after the hopeless segment and all kinds of positive emotions began to return to the unfamiliar land. (5D?)

When I woke this morning I knew a new page in human history had been turned. In this new page, only actions and intentions based in love have meaning. Actions based in fear or any of its derivatives no longer have meaning. Such actions are contained…reflected back upon the giver without negative effects on the receiver.

 In 07 and the early part of 08 I learned these lessons internally and developed methods of dealing with such issues. The essential lesson for me was to not take any feedback personally while it is being given. Instead I learned to listen to understand and to work very hard at doing so. I asked clarification and questions all targeting understanding. Once I understood, I demonstrated understanding. When this was not good enough for the other person; which happened frequently in the early days as the other person was targeting to get me to change, I would give a warning and then I would walk away. My teacher was my wife and I would soon be back but the absence broke the spell, broke the pattern and she was once again accepting of my right to make my own decisions and my own choices based on the information and feedback she had given me.

Amazing things began to happen. On many occasions she would bring herself up short in the middle of some negative cycle and the issue would disappear, both at the moment and also would not be brought up again. I also requested equal opportunity; not equal time as each of us has different speeds, where she listened and understood my point of view.

At the time, my wife was hurt and angry and often said things based on these emotions. That did not negatively impact the process in any way. Listening to understand brought out the underlying emotions so we could both see them clearly.  

In five D, these kinds of skills are commonplace and available to each of us. We do not have to go through the lengthy learning curve that was required of me in the third dimension as these skills are everywhere. They are part of the ambient energy.

Welcome to Nova Earth where only actions based on love have meaning.

Freedom for humanity…


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