Choosing my Personal Timeline

I have been through a big shift in my inner world over the last two week period. When that happens, a part of the process is to emerge from the confusion and from the turmoil and take a peek outside. The last time I did something of this magnitude was in the spring and summer of 2006. I attended a ten day meditation retreat in May during which I surrendered to Divinity. All fine and good, but who am I in the aftermath; how do I act and what does it mean in terms of continuing the life I am living.

This shift has these same questions. It is like weathering a lengthy storm and then peeking out the door to see what you can see, to see what changes have been wrought in the world in which I am living. Coming as it did on the heels of the solstice which did not live up to my expectations; some very fundamental questions come up. What do I keep and what do I discard in terms of my current belief systems? That seems today’s pressing question.

One of the tools I have been working with in the last year or two is to call up possible timelines and walk within them to see how they feel and explore for obstacles and impediments. What about the timeline of aging and transitioning through death? I stepped into this timeline and was instantly uncomfortable within that energy. Yes, that timeline exists but it is no longer mine. Nothing exists within it that has any allure and it seemed flat and uninviting. The beauty of exploring in this fashion is that you can exit at any time none the worse for wear. A minute or two of this was enough. This is not a timeline I choose to adopt or explore further.  

Okay not that, then what? I stepped into the timeline I had been on before my inner shift; the timeline of bringing oneness and abundance to all of humanity and living indefinitely and agelessly within my human body. Energetic confirmation came immediately and each time I step into this timeline these confirmations continue. Hmmm…that makes sense. In this scenario, the recent inner shift was the result of being on this timeline and the target of the shift was to prepare me to further this timeline. Yes, more confirmation as I write this.

Okay…lets flesh out this timeline; the timeline I was targeting prior to my inner shifts. In this timeline, Earth has become Nova Earth and as of 12-12-12 is a home for fifth dimensional life. Humanity is ascending into a fifth dimensional species living on Nova Earth. That process has been complicated by the desire to be inclusive so that every person who so chooses can ascend. Instead of ascending in an event at the solstice, humanity is ascending as a process and a third dimensional holographic ‘school’ has been created for the purpose of providing a venue for slower transitions. My individual path continues to be that of a way shower and pathfinder as someone who has done their homework and continues to volunteer for the ‘difficult’ assignments. The recent shift within me fits nicely into this timeline as part of that process of path finding and way showing.

The outer shifts continue to be delayed pending a critical mass of humanity to support them and create the necessary energy for them to naturally appear. These shifts include disclosure, truth in all matters including the ending of the controlled media, oneness financial systems, abundance technologies including free energy and travel by intention. I am volunteered to do whatever is asked of me in this arena. I know I continue to clear obsolete energy as part of my contribution.  

Energetically these oneness shifts are already in place. Containment has ousted the power brokers within the ruling elite and world leaders are no longer in mortal peril. Perhaps Sunday’s inauguration of Obama will usher in the era of oneness and begin the outer shifts. Once these shifts begin, beautiful and beneficial change will be swift and irreversible.

That is the timeline that I choose.

Freedom for humanity…


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