Surrendering to the Inner Shifts

I went walking yesterday, a long walk of over twenty kilometers which took me four hours. The Calgary Flames played their season opener as the labour dispute was resolved a couple of weeks ago and the universe arranged for me to go. I chose to walk to the arena in downtown Calgary, a walk I have taken many times over the past few years. It was several degrees below freezing but the sun was shining and there was little wind so conditions were quite pleasant. I have an inch long tear in the skin of my right heel as a result of clearing obsolete energy but minimal soreness during the walk and I could feel the energies of Nova Earth and the Sun pouring into me.

I opened myself even further to these energies and to assimilating all that is mine to assimilate. I have been sleeping soundly without dreams that I can remember and going with the flow. The cold I suffered earlier in the month is now completely healed so it was just putting one foot in front of the other, surrendering to the elements and to the energies and enjoying being in the moment.

So far, January has been all about an inner transition in my experience and other worldly sources confirm that this is happening throughout humanity. There is also plenty of advice that the most appropriate response any of us can make is to surrender to the process. This makes sense logically since what is happening is beyond the scope of anything previously experienced so anything other than surrender will result in road blocks and detours. I have had a great deal of experience with surrender and still, I am having difficulty surrendering and ‘getting out of the way.’

A small example from this morning…I was meditating and asking myself how I was feeling. ‘It is like treading water, making an effort to stay afloat’ came the answer. Hmmm…What would happen if I ended the effort to stay afloat; if I surrendered to the process and allowed myself to be swept into the vortex of these energies? I surrendered and immediately had the sensation of swirling within the vortex and exiting at the base of the vortex. The discomfort of efforting to stay afloat was replaced with the comfort of resting in the new energies.

Where all of this is leading I really do not know. All that is mine to do is to go with the flow, open myself up to playing in the new energies and surrendering to the process of the transition.   

My knowing is that I am somehow being prepared for what is to come and this inner shift is related to my chosen timeline of oneness and abundance. I am well aware that I do not have the ability to do any of this on my own and that I am being guided and supported by forces and beings from higher dimensions.

The process of Ascension here on Earth and within humanity has attracted all kinds of advanced beings and we humans are like chess pieces on a gigantic chess board playing out this process. Each of us has a role to play, a role we signed on for before birth. Living this role, this mission, requires us to surrender else our small and uninformed self gets in the way and creates road blocks and detours.

My choice made in 2006 to surrender to Divinity and follow Divine guidance in all that I do opened my particular pathway to living my mission and these first three weeks of the New Year have seen me make substantial progress. It is mostly inner progress at present; preparation for what is to come but these inner shifts will be followed by outer missions and the creation of outer shifts in the near future.

For now, my ‘job’ is to surrender to the inner shifts and this I am doing.

Freedom for humanity…


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