The Timeline of Oneness and Abundance

The fog and unease of the past three weeks feels lifted today and the inner shift seems more or less done. Today is a day to examine what has occurred and explore within the shifts that have taken place within.

What comes across loud and clear is that I am firmly on the timeline of oneness and abundance.

Let’s explore this timeline and see what we can see. Oneness ends duality and ends violence in all its forms. It becomes unthinkable to go to war since we are all one and harming another is harming the oneness, thus harming oneself. Abundance ends scarcity and ends competition. How can systems targeting duality and scarcity continue within this timeline? They cannot and will not. All such systems will stumble and fall and in their stead will rise up systems of oneness and abundance.

Corruption in all its forms disappears. Abundance takes away the motivation for corruption and oneness ends the illusion that it is possible to profit from activities based on greed. Separation becomes seen to be the illusion it is. We are all one and all divisions are seen to be illusory.

Violent solutions to any disagreement are rejected out of hand. By definition, this end wars which is violence organized and sanctioned by governments. Abundance takes away the motivation for war as there is enough for everyone and there is no need to fight over scare resources. Oneness makes war unthinkable.

Exploitation is another human ill that disappears. Abundance ends the fight for survival and victims simply leave the exploiter’s sphere of influence. Exploiters are deprived of all tools of exploitation which are based on duality and scarcity. Methods that used to exploit others will no longer work. Victims will no longer be available, disappearing like surfs from the land during the industrial revolution.

Economic slavery ends. Abundance looks after all survival needs and the concept of working for a living disappears. Imagine that! No one will have to work for a living in the timeline of oneness and abundance. Instead of the constant struggle to pay bills and ‘earn a living’, each of us will become free to pursue that which interests us and that which we came to do. I have been doing this for nearly five years now and it comes highly recommended. LOL

Money disappears and service to others becomes the currency within the timeline of oneness and abundance.

Sounds farfetched? Seems like wishful thinking? Sounds too good to be true?

All of space is encoded with abundance and oneness. That is the Creator’s design and space is everywhere. Darkness can only exist by creating the illusion of scarcity because all of space carries abundance. Darkness managed this magician’s trick and maintained the illusion of scarcity for thousands of years. Gaia broke out of that illusion on 12-12-12 and humanity followed suit on the solstice. We are now in transition and that transition cannot be stopped. We are transitioning into oneness and abundance.

What that transition will look like and how that transition will be manifest I cannot say as I do not know. What I do know is the transition is underway and I choose to play my part in this transition. I do this wholeheartedly and with joy in every cell of my body. Oneness and abundance is what I have targeted in lifetime after lifetime and I agreed to accept limited consciousness in a three D world heavily shrouded in the illusion of duality and scarcity because I knew eventually I would play my role in transitioning into oneness and abundance. That time is now and the work of birthing the timeline of oneness and abundance is underway.

Exciting times…

Freedom for humanity…

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