Let Your Light Shine

I often have a vivid dream just before waking for my day and today was one of those days. Someone I knew was being held prisoner in an institution. I snuck in somehow and this friend let me know she was fine and following her path. Getting out was much harder than getting in and I got trapped in a kind of cubby hole in plain sight of those going to and fro, employees and warders. I made myself invisible and sat motionless. A young boy about six noticed me and was attracted to my energy, wanting to play. I knew that would give away my position and result in my capture so I ignored him. I maintained my silence and went into a deep meditation; when I came out of it the boy’s father was sitting in front of me. The gig was up.

 The father was a burly man dressed in jeans and a sleeveless tee shirt with a rash on his face. He smiled at me and seemed to know me, speaking words of greeting and referencing our friendship – treating me almost like a visiting dignitary. ‘Why didn’t you say you were coming, You could have borrowed my car.’ Hmmm…Things had shifted and I was safe in this institution and would be allowed safe passage. That was when I woke up.

 These dreams have meaning and writing about them helps me uncover the meaning. The institution is the three D holographic school Gaia and humanity is maintaining to assist people to make the transition into the higher dimensions. The friend was one such person; trapped in the illusion of duality by choice. The boy was all the young people who are already at home within oneness and so he wanted to play with me. The father was a fellow way shower and his message was ‘be yourself; you are safe here and welcome as a way shower’.

 What is the application to my present life situation?

 All my working life I was a double agent; playing the game in order to get along and advance within duality but knowing myself to be a Lightworker at a deep subconscious level. Somehow, I drew the line and would not participate in the darkness; always seeing the divinity in people and treating them as equals in order to get the job done. This worked fine and I was very successful until I ran into a boss that insisted I use dark methods and I chose to leave. That began a transition into fulfilling my life mission and twenty years later that is the path I walk.

 Energetically, a tremendous shift has taken place over the past year or so. Duality is no longer supported and humanity is in the process of shifting from duality into oneness. The three D holographic school is part of that process and instead of making an abrupt shift and splitting humanity into two groups, the school is providing a transitional pathway targeting the inclusion of everyone as we move into oneness. As of the solstice in December, the playing field has shifted dramatically and the power now rests with those favoring oneness.

 That is the meaning of my dream. No longer is there a requirement to remain invisible and allow the ‘institution’ of duality to call the shots. Lightworkers can now speak up and shine their light in whatever way they are called to shine. Lightworkers are now the supported mindset and they are welcome within the institutions as way showers and pathfinders for those currently trapped within duality mindsets.

 Let your Light shine.

 Freedom for humanity…


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2 Responses to Let Your Light Shine

  1. Or as II have coined ~ BE the light you already are! Xo, Sheri

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