Earth Histoy Post 9/11

Information is starting to be shared about the failed plans of the cabal, the power hungry core of the Earth’s ruling elite. I will share what I have pieced together for interested readers. Before doing so, I want to encourage everyone to treat this as a history lesson, not a call to action, since all has been resolved including any justice or retribution issues.

The cabal was a very small group of people, about one hundred families, and a closed society. If you were not born into these families you were an outsider and could never gain full membership. The cabal’s objective was world domination and any methods of achieving this aim were acceptable. They staged 9/11 in order to push through legislation removing the rights of the people and this initiative was highly successful.

Their plan was to create a nuclear war by bombing Iran and reduce the world’s population to about 500 million people. During this denouement, they were to hide out in underground bunkers and return to the surface when safe to do so. They would then rule over the survivors in a master/slave relationship. This war was planned to precede ascension and prevent ascension from taking place; 2011 was the targeted start of the war.  

The cabal has a great deal of advanced technology mostly gained from cooperative ET civilizations in return for much prized human DNA. Their space program is a decade plus ahead of NASA and they have all kinds of abundance technologies such as free energy and instant manifestation of survival needs. The US and Europe were their main bases of operation and they controlled the CIA and much of the US military all the while getting the government to pick up the tab and lending money with interest charges to create economic slavery worldwide.

A major plank in their control strategy was to control the media and set editorial policy worldwide. They were highly successful in this strategy except for the internet which got away on them. Their editorial policy was to deny their own existence and deny any and all conspiracy plans. Included within this policy was to deny the existence of ETs. Brilliant strategy – work with cooperative ETs, gain technologies withheld from the general population, lend money at interest to create economic slavery and deny the existence of all of this; claiming scarcity and duality to be ‘the way it is.’

What prevented this nefarious plan from coming to fruition? In the mid-1990s the galactic war ended with the dark surrendering to the Light’s agenda. The cabal was left without dark allies and Light based ET’s took control of Earth’s airspace. These Light based ETs are much more advanced that the cabal and were granted permission to prevent the use of nuclear weapons on Earth. A stalemate developed with the cabal preventing disclosure by refusing permission and painting ETs as marauding conquistadors while the Light based ETs prevented World War III; a necessary plank in the cabal’s world domination plans.

Humanity has much for which to be grateful. Without the Light based ETs, our world would have suffered a great tragedy and the survivors would have been reduced to the role of slaves serving self interested masters.

The cabal declined their last deadline to surrender by the June solstice of 2012 and the miracle of containment ousted them from power. Earth ascended on 12-12-12 becoming a home for fifth dimensional life and humanity is in the process of ascending as we speak. The cabal’s targeted timeline of duality and scarcity is now collapsed and the transition is underway. Humanity is now firmly on the timeline of oneness and abundance.

Each of us is playing our chosen role in this monumental and beautiful process.

Freedom for humanity…

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2 Responses to Earth Histoy Post 9/11

  1. I very much sense that this is accurate, but might I ask how you know? I have someone who communicates with me via the Internet and talks to me about how their beings protect earth from other ET’s that are dark and wish to destroy humans. Additionally this being shared about the ascension. That I was ready for the transition and that I have personally been selected as one of those to bring in the light. I again sense sincerity, but the Internet is completely unreliable in so many ways. So again I ask, how do you know this? Warmly, eternally me.

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