How do I Know?

A reader inquired, ‘How do you know this?’ in a comment on my Earth History Post 9/11 blog posted yesterday. My guidance is to deal with this question in the form of a blog post.

In my late thirties I got divorced and a couple of years later my meteoric rise up the corporate ranks began to falter. This opened me to accepting that the egoic path I had been following had some liabilities. I took the intention of improving myself and my inner world has grown steadily more influential every since.

Fifteen years later I was ready to make my spiritual development my priority and took that intention in the summer of 2004. Two years later I was attending ten day meditation retreats (over fifty days in total) where my rich inner world blossomed and I began to understand that truth and connections to ultimate truth resided within and I could access ‘my Truth’ any time I wished.

In early 2009 I asked to understand how the world really worked and there followed a nine month crash course where appropriate books called to me, one even fell off the shelf and landed at my feet. One was on worldwide lending practices with chapters written by various authors reporting their experience based on the assumption of incompetent bosses and naive systems. I began to carry around two realities, one the traditional one based on conventional thinking and the other based on a belief in a covert world government dedicated to self interest and exploitation of the masses; which I came to call malevolent competency. I would take current events and events reported in the books I was reading and explore them within both realities. Without exception, the malevolent competency world view led to direct matches and by the fall of 2009, I adopted this as my world view.

A great deal of fear surfaced at that time as I have had many experiences, both in this lifetime and in past lives of being mistreated and killed by those dedicated to malevolent competency. I was already targeting fearlessness in my approach to life and by the spring of 2010 I was ready to volunteer to do whatever was given me to do in terms of ousting the ruling elite.

Around the March equinox of 2012 I began to get messages that the time was ripe for ousting the ruling elite. A month later, the option of the ruling elite voluntarily surrendering and participating in an orderly transfer of power arose and I became a dedicated worker within this premise. The advantages are self evident. A week or two later I was invited to an etheric meeting with power brokers within the ruling elite at which time I suggested the voluntary surrender option and offered to assist any of those attending should that be their choice. I had years of personal experience with surrendering to the greater good and knew I had the required expertise. About half of the dozen or so people at this meeting later accepted my offer and I acted as a conduit for their surrender a week or so later.

The final deadline for the surrender option was set as the June solstice of 2012 and the hardliners within the ruling elite (aka the cabal) declined in a kind of ‘come and get us’ intransigence. Within a week containment began and before the summer was out all the key members of the cabal were under containment which meant they could no longer take actions detrimental to the greater good. My guides were very insistent that I pay attention to containment; this is real and is happening was the essential message. Experientially, I was given direct information that Canada’s prime minister had been placed in containment and had chosen to walk-out with a highly evolved walk-in taking over his body. We became etheric friends although we have never met in person.

The WWIII information is from a channeled source that resonates.

Want proof from the five senses? Sorry…I can offer none.  

So, how do I know? I trust my experience and trust my inner guidance. I also encourage you to do the same. Don’t take my word or anyone else’s for that matter. Go within and trust your own experience.

Freedom for humanity…

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