Be the Change I want to See

The title is a paraphrase of a quote from Mahatma Gandhi, the great spiritual and political leader who was assassinated the year I was born.

I know the change I want to see. It is the timeline of oneness and abundance for all of humanity. I have explored this timeline many times in many blog entries, most recently in a blog called The Timeline of Oneness and Abundance written about a week ago on January 22. Let’s see how I am doing in terms of Gandhi’s advice; to be oneness and live abundantly.

Abundance came into my life around the turn of the century. I worked in high paying jobs for about twenty five years until the early 90’s, chasing material and competitive dreams but always within a scarcity mindset spending money as fast as I made it. I set up my own business in the mid 90’s but it fizzled and an economic crisis set in. Our savings disappeared and we began going into debt. My wife began to work and took over the managing of our family finances.

At this same time in the late 90’s, my spiritual work brought me at long last to abundance thinking and I began to follow my inner guidance as it related to personal and family finances. Within scarcity I had searched for high paying jobs as the solution. Within abundance I gave up this search accepting lower paying jobs the universe made available. My guidance was to get out of debt and I set this intention. Over the next several years our debts evaporated. How this happened I do not know but happen it did. My wife and I found ourselves living in abundance with more than enough money to fund whatever we truly desired.

I would explain it this way. Within scarcity there was never enough of anything; I always wanted more hoping it would fill the void, the emptiness within. Within abundance I had everything I wanted and could manifest anything at will. The emptiness was gone and in its place was a sense of well being and the desire to be of service. Abundance was all around me; I was part of abundance and lacked for nothing. Abundance has been my state of mind and my experience for over a decade.

Awesome way to live.

Oneness was more elusive. Oneness has long been part of my intellectual understanding but not part of my experience. I remember trying to get my head about the concept, knowing it to be true at some level but unable to get past the fact that I was here and everyone else was out there, separate from me. Separation is the great barrier to oneness. Duality is spawned by separation.

Meditation was my route to achieving oneness. I did over fifty days of meditation retreats in 06 and 07 and during that time it became clear to me that Source was within me and I could no more separate from Source than I could stop breathing. The illusion of separation from Source ended when I meditated and it became steadily more difficult to return to that illusion after each meditation. Eventually, the illusion of separation left me and I accepted that Source was within. Once the illusion of separation ended, oneness became my reality.

Oneness is not a physical phenomenon as at the physical level we are individuated. Oneness is an energetic phenomenon. At the level of energy we are all one. We are joined at the level of energy and we are one at the level of energy. So much changes within oneness. Violence becomes unthinkable. Competition lacks meaning. Exploitation becomes abhorrent.

Oneness shifted the way I looked at the world. Oneness was a paradigm shift of the highest order. Love is all that has meaning. Service to others becomes the purpose of life. Life was no longer about what I could get; instead it became about what I could give. My entire purpose became to learn my life lessons so I could dedicate myself to living my life’s mission and bringing my Divine gifts to humanity.

Awesome way to live a life.

Freedom for humanity…

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