Where does the Money Go?

No matter where you live in the world (with few exceptions such as Iceland) you are being taxed and a portion of your taxes is allocated to paying the interest on the debt held by the government representing you. In many cases this happens more than once as various levels of governments each have their own debt. I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Calgary has more long term debt than annual revenues, one of three major Canadian cities in that unfavorable situation. Alberta is the only Canadian province that has little provincial debt due to their oil riches and as a result, there is no provincial sales tax. Canada has a national debt of $600 billion and rising every day. You will have your own public debt situation unique to where you are currently living.  

For simplicity, let us focus on Canada’s national debt of $600 billion. Suppose the interest rate in effect is five percent, which means we are paying $30 billion a year to the banks that lent Canada the money.

Where does that money go?

It does not go to the government of Canada; in fact they pay it to the lender banks. It does not go to the people of Canada; in fact their tax money was used to make the payment. Where does that money go? It is reported in the income statements of the lender banks and each of them has a huge annual profit. Where do the banking profits go? Even on the internet it is difficult if not impossible to answer that question but in the meta world view the answer is clear. It goes to the ruling elite. It goes to those who own the banks and that is a small number of families known as the cabal or the Illuminati.

Because of this arrangement the lender banks are eager to lend money to borrowing governments and most governments are eager to borrow more in order to provide the services they traditionally provide and fund projects they have promised or wish to fund. Short term gain and who cares about the long term pain. The entire process is corrupt in its inception and in its ongoing practice. Why do the world’s people agree to this inequity? Why do we allow a small number of families to lend our governments money and charge interest on the money that is lent? Why do we allow our governments to collect money from us and pay it to the owners of the lender banks?

In Canada’s case the Bank of Canada which is owned by the Canadian government has the right to lend the money needed. This was done to fund spending in WWII and to fund major projects in the 1950s and 1960s; but in the 1970s our government made the decision to borrow instead from privately held banks. The money borrowed from the Bank of Canada did not carry interest charges; after all, the lender was owned by the borrower so interest charges served no purpose. The private banks charged interest and yet we continue these borrowing practices. Why? Corruption is the only answer.

The situation in the United States is very similar. The Federal Reserve, a privately owned bank, has been the sole lender to the US government for the last 99 years. Despite the fact that the printing of needed money is constitutionally enshrined, the government of the United States has chosen to borrow needed money and pay interest on that borrowed money instead of printing the needed money without interest charges. Why? Corruption is the only answer.

It is time for us to stand up and end these usury practices. Even those who benefit are no longer in a position to enjoy the money rolling in. They are in containment or otherwise deprived of their positions of power. The time is now. Let’s end the borrowing of money from private sources who charge interest. Let’s refuse to pay interest on money borrowed.

I demand my government to end the practice of borrowing money from private sources that charge interest. I demand my government to end the paying of interest charges on money already borrowed. I demand that money collected from the citizens of my country be used for the good of the citizens of my country; I demand that corruption ends now.

Freedom for humanity…

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