Lightworker’s Paradigm Shift

Lightworkers the world over operated on the paradigm that something major would occur on the solstice of December. Some expected a mind-blowing inner shift into higher dimensional clarity; others expected the beginning of external shifts either cataclysmic or planned and orchestrated by our ET supporters or even some human agency. There was great variety in terms of what was expected; however, the expectation that something major would occur was commonly held by most Lightworkers including me.

What actually occurred on the solstice was minor in comparison, so minor that the unawakened felt vindicated in their ‘it will be just like the millennium scare; much ado about nothing’ attitude and the Lightworkers could point to nothing to counter this claim. The long held Lightworker’s paradigm of a major event occurring on the solstice had proven false.

A new paradigm was ushered in for each and every Lightworker and we all shared in the common experience of the discombobulation that accompanies a paradigm shift.

Again, there was great variety in terms of the new paradigm. Some joined the unawakened in their disillusionment and gave up the fight at least temporarily, looking for work or otherwise engaging in activities targeting survival in this world of scarcity and economic slavery. One thought process to which I was exposed was that this dimension is intended to be one of duality and scarcity and will never change.

Most soldiered on picking themselves up by the bootstraps and rejoining the ascension efforts within one of the many paradigms that entered the vacuum of the paradigm shift. Here are some of the major contenders:

  1. Ascension is going to happen but is years in the future. Wingmakers place it toward the end of this century. Other sources go even further out; one says 300 years or fifteen generations from now.
  2. Ascension will happen soon and be driven by arrests and revolutionary shifts including worldwide governance shifts displacing existing duality supporters with oneness supporters. Some of these scenarios include support from oneness oriented ETs and others do not.
  3. Ascension is a process and has been deliberately slowed in order to be inclusive. Instead of ascension being an event tied to the solstice, ascension is now a process and is being driven by the shifts taking place within individuals. The outer shifts continue to be delayed and will happen when the critical mass of humanity’s light quotient reaches the appropriate level.

I have become a big fan of the ascension is a process in order to be inclusive paradigm. Lots of evidence supports this as major shifts are taking place internally in many of my Lightworker friends and in me as well. It has been very intense at times but well worth it. I like the approach of humanity shifting individually and inwardly before the shift happens outwardly. All that progress in individual light quotients will eventually drive the outer shift.

How are we doing? Apparently humanity is making so much progress that our ET supporters are being told to stand by and watch as humanity makes the shift themselves. Slower way but one I support and have great faith in as humanity then experiences the full monty, so to speak, in terms of a learning experience on how to throw off dark masters. Of course our ETs friends continue to support us by containment of our former dark masters and by preventing the ruling elite from creating an artificial crisis.

I like the way it is going. Ascension is a process in order to be inclusive is my chosen paradigm and my targeted route to the timeline of oneness and abundance.

A little slower than other routes but with so many advantages.

Freedom for humanity…

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