Creating the Shared Timeline of Oneness and Abundance

I don’t like long titles and this one is a long title but every word is necessary or the meaning is lost.

January was an amazing month in my experience as I assimilated a tremendous amount of cosmic energy. These energies inundated all of us, the awakened, the fence sitters, those in denial, and the unawakened; but it was extremely powerful for those like myself who welcomed it and were willing to surrender to the power and majesty therein contained.

February has thus far been about integration as I am taking the gift of these energies and integrating them into a coherent belief system. Yesterday was another episode of discarding alternative timelines that occasionally vie for my attention; in this case the timeline of doing foundational work only during this lifetime and leaving the creation of the oneness and abundant timeline to future generations. I explored this timeline in a meditation session and found it had no juice for me. After about ten minutes, I abandoned the attempt and went sungazing.

The message was clear – I am here to create the shared timeline of oneness and abundance. That mission was clearly set when I shifted my guides in the spring of 2011 about twenty months ago. Looking at timelines where this incarnation of me is not involved in this creative activity is not supported. Okay…let’s examine this timeline.

The word ‘shared’ in the title is the most controversial. What right do I have to create a timeline that is shared by others? Perhaps my mission is to create the timeline of oneness and abundance for myself and leave it at that; allowing others the free will choice to join or not. Hmmm…that cannot be what I came to do as it is already done. This has been my personal timeline for several years already and yet the shared timeline for humanity remains one of duality and scarcity.

Energetically, there have been tremendous shifts in ambient energy away from energies supporting duality and scarcity toward energies supporting oneness and abundance. A major turning point was Calleman’s end of duality date over fifteen months ago on October 28, 2011 when duality ceased to be supported within the universe. Another was 12-12-12 when Gaia ascended and created Nova Earth in a higher dimension that only supports life within an energy field of oneness and abundance. A third turning point was the December solstice on the 21st when humanity energetically shifted into oneness. Taken together these shifts amount to a revolution.

I am reminded of the foreign soldier’s of William of Orange who sat quietly on English soil while the soldier’s of England sat opposite them as the English parliament overthrew King James II in what is known as the Glorious Revolution of 1688. The English forces began defecting to the foreign forces and King James II was overthrown in a peaceful revolution originating in the hearts and minds of the English people as they overthrew an unpopular monarch. William then negotiated with the English parliament and accepted their terms as he ascended to the English throne.

The similarities are downright eerie. We Lightworkers are like the foreign troops sitting on the foreign soil of duality and peacefully holding space for change. The systems and supporters of duality are encamped opposing us like the English troops and the ruling elite are like King James, the unpopular reigning monarch. As this standoff continues, the soldiers of the ruling elite and even some of the officers are defecting into the Lightworker’s camp and the hearts and minds of the people of this world are steadily adopting the Lightworker’s guiding principles of oneness and abundance. The equivalent of the English parliament has not yet won the day but that day approaches ever nearer and more inevitably as the people are speaking and the energetically unsupported systems and soldiers of duality near their breaking point.

The external shift is nearing day by day. Energetically this shift continues to pick up momentum and continues to pick up pace. These are historic times in which we live.

I continue to do my part in this peaceful revolution bringing the timeline of oneness and abundance into humanity’s shared reality. Oneness and abundance is already our shared reality in the energy field of the human collective and these attributes cannot be long denied.

Oneness and abundance will come peacefully but with much fanfare. Together, we are creating the shared timeline of oneness and abundance.  

Freedom for humanity…


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