Cosmology according to Horus

A friend sent me a link to channeling information that answers a lot of the questions I have had and fits nicely with some of my unexplained esoteric experience. As such, the material seems to be a missing piece in the great mystery. If you would like to check it out yourself, here is the website –

It is quite lengthy and I am about half way through after several hours of reading but have a grasp of the basic cosmology which I will share in my own words. The main entity channeled is a creator god with an Egyptian incarnation where he was known as Horus, the son of Isis. The information was channeled in 04-05 when the Light forces had made sufficient progress such that this information could be made available to Earth and could be accepted by the Lightworker population within humanity.

The basic premise is that darkness was not a design component of this universe and came from an unknown source outside of this universe and outside of Source, the prime creator of this and several other universes. The darkness arrived like a thief in the night about 1.3 billion years ago acting like a virus and began infecting this universe in all the dimensions up to the eleventh, which includes several creator gods, angels and other high beings.

The darkness is parasitic and predatory in nature and so foreign to the principles upon which this universe is founded that nothing within this creation could effectively combat it. The defining characteristic is a willingness to subvert the free will of others for purposes of exploitation and enslavement, something that does not exist in uninfected portions of this universe. About six percent of this universe was infected and Earth is one of twelve pivotal planets spread throughout this universe; keys to the reclamation project.

The darkness achieved a critical mass around half a million years ago and erected frequency fences on various dimensions to prevent Light based rescue efforts within the parts of the universe, including Earth where they held sway. These are the quarantines and they are not part of Source’s creation. Prior to these fences being put in place, rescue efforts where underway and many Lightworkers came prior to this development and found themselves stuck in dark territory; separated from Source and from many of the resources available in uninfected portions of the universe. That these Lightworkers were able to maintain enough Light to prevent complete annihilation is described as nothing short of a miracle.   

Initial rescue efforts were based on the premise that the dark could be rehabilitated but this has proved fruitless. Infected beings and pieces of Source’s creation can be rehabilitated and that remains the objective but nothing yet found has the ability to rehabilitate the dark. More recent reclamation efforts have been based on the concept of Light Warriors. Source created a new universe with the purpose of developing Light Warriors capable of defeating the dark, reclaiming infected territory and preventing any reoccurrence.

The Light Warriors went into action around 2004 and much progress has been made since this new resource was made available. It was the introduction of this effective new Light based resource that encouraged Horus to decide to share these truths with humanity. Prior to the Light Warrior’s intervention the quarantine effectively prevented such truths from being shared and humanity’s situation was that of downtrodden prisoners with little or no light at the end of the tunnel.

Horus is at a loss to explain the dark or their motivation and wholeheartedly supports the target of reclaiming all that has been infected and ending this threat on a permanent basis.

All of this resonates and much is new. In this cosmology, the dark is not part of Creation but a rogue entity unsupported by Source. That feels like truth to me and fits very well with my mission to end the use of free will to subvert the free will of others.

Thank you Horus. Thank you Source. Thank you Elora and Karen, the humans most responsible for this channeling.  

Freedom for humanity…


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  1. Eric Alagan says:

    This is very interesting. Thanks.

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