Why is it taking Sooo Long?

In the last couple of days I have undergone a paradigm shift and as so often is the case, questions without answers in the old paradigm now have answers; and one of those questions is the title question. The paradigm shift is that Source did not and does not support the forces and energies that held earth and humanity prisoner. These forces and energies were rogue forces from outside of this creation acting in defiance of the principles governing this creation; most specifically the honoring of the free will of others.

After eons of unsuccessful attempts to reform these rouge forces Source took action in conjunction with the timing of long planned Earth shifts commonly referred to as ascension. The rogue forces had long known Earth and humanity were crown jewels in this universe and that the success of ascension would amount to an eviction notice from this universe. Consequently, the rogue forces threw everything they had into preventing ascension. They erected frequency fences that even Source could not penetrate and under cover of that darkness built fortifications, installed booby traps, increased the ambient density and created nuclear armaments…all targeting to retain control of Earth and the genetic gold mine that is humanity.

By running the life codes in reverse the rouge forces recruited supporters from within Source’s creation; one of the more insidious ways of subverting the free will of other’s in a universe based on free will.  It was eventually decided that violating the free will of others could no longer be tolerated and a major offensive to drive out the dark and reclaim the territory they controlled was launched shortly after the turn of the century. Within a year or two all but Earth were liberated and freed from the control of the rogue forces.

Earth proved a very tough nut to crack and it was slow going as the rouge forces continued to hold the power to destroy Earth and no one doubted their willingness to go out in a ‘blaze of glory’; after all their way of life was no longer available elsewhere so to them it was like defending the Alamo.

Delay after delay resulted and the precious time to prepare for ascension slipped away. It was not until the early part of 2012 that the nuclear treat was finally taken away from the rogue forces and that gave the Light forces significant leverage. An orderly transfer of power was targeted and a final date for the voluntary surrender of the rogue forces was set as the June solstice. They declined this offer in ‘come and get us’ defiance. Containment was then used and proved their undoing; resulting in ousting the rogue forces and beginning an orderly transfer of power.

All these delay meant there was less than six months to prepare for the ascension event. Instead of forcing the outer shift into oneness and abundance into that short window, it was decided to delay the outer shift until after the ascension event. This path was followed and Earth ascended as planned on 12-12-12 becoming a home for fifth dimensional life. Humanity had their ascension event nine days later on the December solstice as had long been planned and forecast.

Humanity’s ascension drew mixed reviews. From humanity’s perspective, it was a non-event lacking in measurable shifts. From the perspective of the higher dimensions this event was awe inspiring as humanity lit up like a Christmas tree full of Lights. The decision makers in the higher dimensions were so impressed that the choice was made to allow humanity to effect the outer shift themselves. Plans for disclosure and other top driven interventions were shelved and the focus became continuing the process of raising humanity’s collective light quotient.  

The human run systems of control and misinformation become more and more untenable as humanity’s light quotient continues to rise and January sees humanity fast closing in on holding sufficient light to effect the desired change. Sometimes slow is better and that became the collective choice of humanity and humanity’s Light based supporters.

Why is it taking so long to end the human run systems of control and misinformantion?  Hope this helps in understanding this complex question.

Freedom for humanity…


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Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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