Flexible Ascension Plan

About a thousand years ago I was killed by dark agents as an eleven year old girl along with my Lightworker mother. In spirit form I watched the aftermath and before leaving the scene of the carnage (going to the Light) I pledged to avoid direct opposition to the dark until such time as the Light could triumph.

I did not fully understand all of this until last night. Since making the paradigm shift into believing the darkness on the Earth to be rouge agents rather than a creation of Source many things from this lifetime and past lifetimes are now falling into place. That long ago choice was in recognition that I was trapped in the darkness that controlled humanity and Earth and that resistance was futile so I became a guerilla fighter, maintaining my Light but avoiding confrontations with the much more powerful dark until such time as the Light could prevail. I chose lifetimes where I could learn useful lessons that did not involve serving the dark or participating in battle. I was a seer, a priest, a master in the far-east, a bishop, lifetimes in indigenous cultures, even a businessman. All in preparation for this lifetime of Ascension; when at long last the Light would hold the upper hand.

There were many ways this lifetime could have played out but when Kennedy was assassinated in 1963 when I was in grade ten, I knew at the soul level that the darkness would hang on until very close to the ascension event in 2012. I continued the vow I took in spirit form a thousand years ago and ‘survived’ with the help of my angels and my guardians.

My awakening began a year or two after the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 and the 90’s was a decade of preparation. The second half of the channeled Horus material deals with reports of the Light’s campaign to oust the rouge darkness from Earth and liberate humanity. My personal life-path paralleled these efforts in an almost eerie way. The Light forces initiated their campaign in early 2004 – I made the choice to make spiritual development my priority in June 2004. The Light broke through the quarantine of Earth in 2006 – I attended meditation retreats and in May of 2006 surrendered to Divinity as my way of being guided to fulfil my mission. The Horus material ends with the death of one of the human channelers in late 2006 but I can see how my path continued to run parallel to the Light’s progress.

My guidance was to make major shifts in my life situation in order to be among the first wave of ascenders in 2008. I made these shifts but delays in liberating humanity postponed early ascension as the dark remained in control.

I did my research into how Earth operated in the first half of 2009 as the Light began to gain the upper hand. I was guided to begin writing my blog in December 2009 as the dark became so beleaguered that it was safe for me to do so. I pledged to do what was mine to do in terms of ousting the dark in May of 2010 when ousting became a probability. A steep learning curve of about eighteen months resulted. Direct assignments began coming in the spring of 2012 after the Light had disarmed the dark and taken away their ability to destroy Earth with nuclear weapons. After the dark refused the final deadline to surrender by the June solstice of 2012 I was made a messenger and reported on the ousting process carried out through containment.

The dark is no longer in control and in fact they were ousted around the September equinox four plus months ago. The major milestones of ascension occurred on 12-12-12 when Earth ascended and on 12-21-12 when humanity crossed the ascension threshold.

Much remains to be done and the Light’s plan and schedule continues to be fluid and flexible. The dark is ousted and is no longer an obstacle. The Light did not plan to ascend with the dark’s systems still holding sway but that is how it happened. Since the ascension event six weeks ago humanity’s light quotient has risen by leaps and bounds. Those managing the process, including Source, are now targeting to allow humanity to dismantle the dark’s control systems themselves. This is taking a little longer but has many advantages. Once this critical step takes place the door is thrown wide open and the shared timeline of oneness and abundance goes into full gear.

Freedom for humanity…


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