Free Energy

One of the greatest crimes the dark perpetrated against humanity and Earth was the repression of free energy. About a hundred years ago, Nikola Tesla discovered free energy and began inventing ways to tap into this unlimited, safe and environmentally friendly energy source. The ruling elite, most notably J.P. Morgan, the financial tycoon, ‘befriended’ Tesla. They used their vast resources to discredit Tesla and falsified his equations. They have free energy but have prevented the rest of humanity from accessing it. With friends like that who needs enemies?

Fossil fuels became humanity’s energy source with vast fortunes being made by the ruling elite. The public suffered both economically as they had to pay for energy and also through the untold damage done to Earth with the extraction of oil and the resulting pollution from the burning of fossil fuels and from plastics which do not biodegrade.

My spiritual path picked up this thread during my meditation days in 2006 and for several years I believed humanity’s path to freedom would be initiated by free energy. In early 2010 I took the intention of playing a facilitators role in bringing this repressed technology to humanity and to Earth. Four months later I was guided to release this intention as something belonging to others and not to me. Within days my intention became shifted to ousting the ruling elite in a chicken and egg scenario. Instead of using free energy to oust the ruling elite my intention became to oust the ruling elite in order to make room for free energy. That is the path humanity has taken and although the ruling elite has been ousted through containment free energy has yet to make its appearance.

I had another serial dream last night all about free energy. I was jerked awake in the wee hours in the grip of fear related to the dangers of being a proponent of free energy in a world governed by the dark. For the next four hours or so my dreams were related to dumping this fear, an obsolete signal since the ruling elite has been ousted, and progressing toward a world where free energy is humanity’s energy source.

How it all plays out I cannot say but the dreams reinforced the wisdom of first ousting the ruling elite and then bringing in free energy since as long as the ruling elite held sway, free energy would not be supported and would somehow be subverted to serve the ruling elite.

Humanity is not free until we shift our way of thinking. This is being born out in the transition phase we are currently living. The leaders of the ruling elite were ousted four or five months ago and yet humanity’s enslavement continues. Humanity continues to honor the status quo and maintain the religious, financial, military and industrial norms that were put in place by those favouring duality and scarcity. The media continues to be controlled and focused on fear and violence; and the repression of truth. The ruling elite are no longer the problem, the paradigm of duality and scarcity is the problem.

This battle for humanity’s freedom is taking place in the hearts and souls of humanity. More and more Light is growing within each individual here on Earth. The Lightworkers are shining brighter day by day. Those who are aware but in denial find their resolve weakening and some are defecting into the Lightworker’s camp. Even the unawakened are shining brighter and many are beginning the process of awakening. The energies being beamed to humanity affect everyone and each individual is carrying more light each and every day.

All lasting change originates in the collective hearts and minds of humanity. That is the process currently underway and the tipping point of a glorious revolution is not far off. When that happens many blessed and beautiful shifts will happen and free energy will be one of them.

Freedom for humanity…


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