The Danger is Past

One of my Lightworker friends is getting a rough ride and I went sungazing asking to more fully understand that situation and the current status of bringing Light to Earth and to the universe in which we live.

What I got was: ‘The danger is past. Write about that and be a messenger of this joyous information!’

I have an internal truth seeking process that requires confirmation from a second independent source before accepting new information as truth. About eighteen months ago I researched cosmology known as the Wingmaker’s which included information about a danger to Earth and humanity. Here is part of a blog I wrote based on my research in July 2011: Most proximate (danger) is a rogue entity within the universe that want access to our DNA and much of the wingmaker information came from a secret human consortium targeting to develop a time traveling technology capable of deflecting this rogue threat. The Horus cosmology that came to me a few days ago confirms this information.

Hmmm… Direct match for this information. A few months ago I was given information that the threat the Wingmaker’s talked about had been defeated and was no longer a threat. Again the battles Horus reported and subsequent events that have unraveled the dark threat here on Earth back up that information.

Here is the good news. The darkness here on Earth and their minion’s (known variously as the Cabal, Illuminati and ruling elite) were rogue entities who posed a serious threat to Earth and humanity. The dark has been defeated in battles that began about a decade ago. Freeing Earth and humanity took several more years due to the dark’s threat to blow up the planet rather than surrender but 2012 saw the end of that threat and the subsequent defeat of the Earth’s dark minions through containment.

Once the treat was removed humanity was free to pursue their own devices and their own pace in terms of clearing the remaining dark energies and creating a fifth dimension world based on oneness and abundance. Humanity no longer required protection as the treat no longer existed. In addition, those watching over us could relax and pull in their horns; allowing humanity to proceed at their own pace in cleaning up the mess the darkness had created.

That is the process currently underway. The supportive ETs and other world entities continue to watch over us and do whatever is necessary to prevent any remaining darkness from derailing the process. They are now patiently waiting for humanity to do sufficient clearing such that the ET can be invited to land in peace and cooperation. The ETs have all kinds of technologies that will be useful in bringing abundance to humanity and reversing the revenges done to Gaia and to her body which is Earth. They wait patiently as the human light quotient rises daily and will soon cause the existing dark systems to implode. This will generate the necessary invitation and the ETs will then join humanity in creating Heaven on Earth in a cooperative joint venture.

The ETs could intervene at any time but those in charge, including Source, recognize the advantages of allowing humanity to end the dark systems themselves. This is taking a little longer and causing some suffering, particularly within the Lightworker community where resources are still being systemically withheld; but this is a small price to pay for the learning humanity is doing and the benefits that will flow into this world and into the lives of people everywhere.

Joyous times are coming fast. Holding space for Heaven on Earth.

Big, BIG smile!!!

Freedom for humanity…


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