3D Hangs On

Tuesday’s is movie day for me and I went to one yesterday. Most new releases are of no interest to me these days, filled with violence and a low opinion of human nature, neither of which I share.

One new release caught my attention and off I went, ticket and popcorn in hand. Poor choice. The movie got good reviews and has a plot with a number of twists and turns where the good guys become bad guys and that sort of thing. Trouble was the explanation is based on the premise that one of the characters is inherently bad, a premise that does not hold up in my world view. No one is inherently bad.

The previews of coming movies were also a downer with two of them based on the premise of evil aliens bent on taking over humanity and wreaking havoc and destruction in the process with only small remnants of humanity fighting to survive and propagate the species. I left the theater feeling alone and lonely.

It seems the dark, or at least a dark worldview, is still in charge of what movies get made.  Television is even worse and I cannot watch most TV shows these days as they are so jaded and espouse such hollow values.

Since dedicating myself to living my mission and surrendering to the greater good heart based guidance from within, my life has taken many twists and turns. For the past four plus years I have been spending my days in pursuit of my mission intending a glorious future for humanity. In so doing, I now live in joy, abundance and oneness and… I intend to create a shared reality based on joy, abundance and oneness.

For reasons not known to me, as I have followed my guidance, Spirit has stripped my life down to the bare essentials. I don’t travel, I have no primary relationship, I have no close friend in the city in which I live, and my daughter in whose home I rent has asked me to move out. Mostly all of this is just fine with me as I have a bright and beautiful inner world and know I am loved and blessed beyond belief.

When I ask what is happening, what I get is that the human world is fighting hard to stay in 3D and because I am no longer in that dimension, the human world appears closed and unwelcoming. Asking deeper and I get that the shift is not far off and when it happens it will be like the tumblers falling in a well crafted lock. Prior to dialing that last correct number the lock stubbornly refused to yield and then all of sudden, it springs open as if all the time wanting to do so. The 3D world is acting like that stubborn lock. Asking still deeper and I get that we are no longer in 3D, have not been for some weeks but inertia and the 3D hologram provided by Gaia has allowed the 3D charade to continue to be played out in order to keep humanity together while the shift happens. We are all then together on the timeline of abundance and oneness when people are asked to make the choice of ascending or staying within a 3D environment.

On the walk home from the movie I asked myself if I would make any changes in the path I am walking and the answer came back, ‘Not a chance. Living my mission has been rewarding beyond measure and it is unthinkable to return to any other path.’

Still…It would be nice to have people to visit and spend time with. I have that now but they are all in distant towns. It would be nice to be able to share my stuff over a coffee or some other beverage and have it heard by a likeminded person. I have that now but only at a distance. I know I could manifest this if it was a priority but deep down I know my priority is follow my guidance and do what is given me to do. I have great faith in my guidance and in the process of ascension. The greater good includes my good; it cannot be any other way.

I reaffirm my intention to serve the greater good and to serve the greatest good. They may sound one and the same but they are not. Lol

Freedom for humanity…


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Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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2 Responses to 3D Hangs On

  1. Carmen Miro says:

    You seem like a rare person. These people are often loners. It is hard to match such a unique vibration. Your writing is beautiful. Thank you for one little page of peace. 🙂

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