The Energies of Transition

My computer is on its last legs and keeps requiring a re-boot and several times it has crashed during the reboot but come back up by following the crash instructions. When I rebooted it on Friday night it again crashed and got into an endless loop during the restart. I left it and went to bed and there was no change in the morning. When I checked my guidance it was to get a new laptop, no more Microsoft – switch to Apple. Off I went and bought an Apple laptop. Tamara’s wireless has pass codes so I knew I could not start my new computer until she gets back on Monday and when I got home with the new computer I bargained with my guides saying, ‘Okay, I have done what you asked me to do…now you can restart my old computer so I can catch up with what is happening in my world.’ The endless loop ended and after about an hour of this and that my computer rebooted. All of this was kind of normal in my electronic world where my guides are very active; which is just fine with me actually. Lol

The most memorable time was in the fall of 2010. I decided to write about 9/11 and share my truth about these events on my blog. Half way through writing the piece my computer crashed and would not restart. There was something more going on and I lay down to assimilate it all. When I woke a couple of hours later I asked my guides what was happening and ‘got’ that writing about 9/11 would bring me unwanted attention from the then still powerful ruling elite. My guides had intervened to prevent this. I gave up my intention for a 9/11 blog entry and my computer returned to normal functioning.

This event had a sequel. In early 2012 I began getting that it was now time to write about 9/11. I checked and double checked with my guidance and each time it was the same, ‘Yes, it is now time to share your truth.’ I did this in my February 1, 2012 blog titled 9/11. Since then I have learned that the ruling elite’s access to nuclear weapons had ended sometime in January and by the March solstice I began getting information that it was time to oust the ruling elite.

Switching to Apple was typical of a guided process. My two youngest daughters’ have Apple computers and I called one to see what she knew. Her husband answered and instead of asking for my daughter, I asking him what he knew. He had just given a client a ride to the Apple store and stood by him while he asked his questions so he had all the information I needed. Later in the day I went in and purchased the computer. I do not drive and it was a lengthy walk, over four hours at top speed and since I had walked four hours the day before to attend a hockey game, it was slow going. I was worried about carrying the computer home but need not have. Apple’s shopping bag is a makeshift backpack and the computer is very light so carrying it was a non-issue.

All that walking got me very in touch with Earth’s energies. On my walk the day before, I had visited Ashram, my favorite tree on the banks of the Bow River about half way along my walk to downtown Calgary. Part of my role in these shifts is clearing obsolete energy and this ability was activated during an earlier visit with Ashram so it feels like we are teammates in the process of shifting into the higher frequencies of the fifth dimension and the timeline of oneness and abundance. Ashram was exceedingly peaceful as though the hard work, what I call the heavy lifting is complete.

That same peacefulness and sense of a transition well in progress with nothing other than inertia in opposition describes my entire nine hours of walking on back to back beautiful spring like days. I was very in the moment, very in the now, just putting one foot in front of the other and enjoying the experience including the last leg when my body was tired and sore and my feet were blistered. It was a great day to be alive and in touch with Earth and with Gaia during these transitional times.

Freedom for humanity…


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3 Responses to The Energies of Transition

  1. That’s a lot of walking, but I can only imagine its a wonderful sensation. Thank you for sharing and glad you have a new computer.

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