Waiting for the Shift

I am feeling disconnected from the world in which I am living. Since I ‘know’ the shared reality of the world in which I am living is an illusion that will soon be leaving and I ‘know’ the replacement will be far more to my liking, it is easy to argue that this disconnected feeling is okay and not something to be too worried about. Yes and no. Lets do a quick summary of what has happened since the solstice nearly two months ago as a starting point for exploration.
The Divine plan was that humanity would ascend on the solstice. Free will would be honoured so everyone would be given the free will choice to ascend or not. The estimates of the day were that about a third would ascend with the other two-thirds either unwilling or unable. Thus the majority of humanity would not ascend and an alternative three D environment would be made available to them from which they would ascend at some later date.
Humanity threw a wrench into the Divine plan for ascension by asking for inclusiveness, by asking that everyone get an equal opportunity to ascend. Divinity heard this plea and asked Gaia if she would be willing to cooperate. Gaia agreed and a three D hologram was put in place within Gaia’s five D framework with the intention of providing a forum for shifts into truth, oneness and abundance for all of humanity. Once these shifts are in place, everyone will have access to the same or similar information about what ascension is all about and no one will be prevented from ascending because they did not do their preparations. Preparations will take place within the three D hologram which will be maintained for as long as the three D learning environment is required.  Instead of a division of humanity at the solstice where a portion of humanity ascended and a portion of humanity was left behind in an alternative three D world, humanity stayed together on five D Earth and Gaia installed a three D hologram to effect the needed shifts within humanity.
Instead of ascension being an event that took place on the solstice, ascension became a process taking place within each of us; taking place in the inner world of each and every human being. Divinity and Divinity’s representatives, such as the Angelics and the supportive ETs from within this galaxy and from beyond, continued to bombard humanity with ascension energies targeting the upliftment of each and every human being such that they have the internal ability to survive and in fact thrive in a five D world.
Ascension will be an inclusive event and none will be prevented because of a lack of preparations.
Ascension will be an inclusive event and none will choose to remain behind in a three D environment due to fear or to a lack of understanding about what will be available within the five D ascended world.
The shifts into truth, oneness and abundance have not yet occurred within the three D hologram which is humanity’s shared experience but these are planned for the near future. Therein lies my current malaise. I am currently feeling more and more disconnected from the three D hologram, from our shared reality. This would be fine if I was being given things to do within the intention of shifting into truth, oneness and abundance but that is not the case, at least not the case in my conscious awareness. I know I am working behind the scenes and working by holding space and holding the intention of birthing a timeline of truth, oneness and abundance; but in my conscious awareness it is ‘patience…patience.’
Ashira, Fleet Commander of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies, recently did an interview on An Hour with an Angel radio show that shed some light on this situation. Humanity’s request for inclusivity has affected everyone. The Divine plan has shifted to honour this request. Those supporting the Divine plan have shifted their plans accordingly. Ashira and the forces he commands are part of this shift. Ashira’s primary target is to deliver the technologies of abundance and oneness to humanity. This requires Disclosure which is the truth that humanity is not alone in this galaxy or in the universe. Ashira acknowledged the changes caused by the shift to inclusivity and outlined his (their) strategies within this shift.
What is preventing disclosure from taking place? Since sometime last fall, all those who are a threat to humanity have been contained and can no longer negatively influence humanity’s timeline. Humanity is safe from harm. It is no longer a mater of if we will shift into the timeline of truth, oneness and abundance and only a matter of when that shift will take place. Nothing opposes that shift except the inertia of the current systems, the inertia of the status quo.
Ashira and the Galactics are now targeting strategies to deal with this inertia. These strategies target a world leader willing to invite disclosure. By invitation only has been the criteria from the beginning and the ruling elite used this criteria to their maximum advantage. The ruling elite are no longer in power and the world leaders are now in a position to freely choose to invite disclosure within the countries they represent. Obviously once one country makes the invitation the rest will soon follow suit. Great progress is being made and this invitation is likely to happen soon and come from Russia and/or Egypt. Obama’s support is a given as disclosure and ascension is his life’s mission.
Meanwhile I wait…patiently.
Freedom for humanity…

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4 Responses to Waiting for the Shift

  1. I wait patiently with you…

  2. Judy B says:

    I really appreciate this, John…helped me to join some dots in my understanding…thank you, Judy

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