The single largest factor in ousting the ruling elite has been containment.
Today’s blog will offer a summary of this miraculous process and of my experience as containment was introduced into the human experience.
The ruling elite’s access to nuclear arsenals was ended a little over a year ago ending the stalemate between the ruling elite and humanity’s off world supporters. It was then time to oust the ruling elite and transfer power over to supporters of truth, oneness and abundance. Around the March solstice a month or two later, this information began to enter my ¬†consciousness. A month or so later, an alternative to the mass arrest scenario came to my attention; voluntary surrender of the ruling elite and their cooperation in an orderly transfer of power. This had great appeal to me and I joined wholeheartedly in the efforts to bring this possibility to fruition. The deadline for surrender was set as the June solstice and the ruling elite declined in a kind of ‘come and get us’ intransigence.
At the time, I knew of no alternative to the mass arrests scenario and left for our Canada Day long weekend hearing rumblings of a green light for mass arrests. Canada Day is July 1st and I returned home on July 2nd after about 60 hours without computer access. No green light had occurred and one of my emails contained information saying the ousting was underway using a process called ‘containment’ that prevented those placed in containment from taking harmful actions. What a perfect solution! Those opposing the ousting of the ruling elite and an orderly transfer of power could no longer take actions counter to the greater good.
My guides and my discernment signals zoomed in on containment assuring me it was real and happening. Over the month of July, fully half of my blog entries had containment in the title and dealt with various aspects of this miraculous process. Here is a summary: Containment is an Angelic process and has rarely been used since it violates the free will of those placed in containment. Since the ruling elite had long violated the free will of others, and they had declined the surrender option, containment was allowed and proceeded accordingly. Containment prevents people from taking harmful actions, actions violating the greater good. Containment also has rehabilitative aspects and the subject is continuously bombarded with love and light; even the intention of taking harmful actions is used for rehabilitation as the action is contained and reflected back upon the intender so they feel the negative results.
Within 100 days the entire leadership of the ruling elite had been contained. The ruling elite was in effect ousted and an orderly transfer of power over to supporters of truth, oneness and abundance was underway. The players appeared to be the same as before but significant shifts had already taken place. Some of those placed in containment had shifted voluntarily into the Light. Others who had been placed in containment had chosen to walk-out at the soul level and highly evolved walk-ins had taken their place. These walk-ins are fully dedicated to the Light’s agenda and are supporting an orderly transfer of power. On a personal level, I was given information that the prime minister of Canada is one such walk-in.
Containment effectively ended the ruling elite’s threat to humanity and their threat to derail the ascension process. The danger was past. The spiritual hierarchy decided to adopt the timeline of ascend first – shift later because the outer shifts will cause confusion and detract from the inner process of ascension. Containment removed the danger and removed the negative interference so the ascend first – shift later option became workable; even desirable.
The background of containment allowed for a much more organic process of ascension to take place. The Divine process of ascension was no longer threatened and was in fact assured. Since the ascension process is primarily internal the spiritual hierarchy was no longer time-pressured and this combination of no threats due to containment and the ascension event successfully completed on the December solstice of 2012 has brought forward the timeline of allowed humanity to effect their own outer shift in whatever timing humanity chooses. Lets call this the timeline of humanity makes their own outer shifts.
The timeline of humanity making their own outer shifts is being played out as we speak. The inner shifts are occurring throughout humanity on an ongoing bases in each and every human being. Lightworkers are doing the heavy lifting but everyone is shifting due to the energies and frequencies bombarding Earth and humanity. Containment continues which prevents negative interference or ‘false flag’ operations but the outer shifts continue to be delayed in accordance with human willingness to shift into the timeline of truth, oneness and abundance. Containment has allowed for a slower timing in accordance with the human collective’s readiness to embrace truth, oneness and abundance.
It is all happening in accordance with Divine right timing. Containment provides a threat free environment conducive to humanity setting their own timing and agenda to effect the outer shifts. The outer shifts will happen and happen soon as all that prevents them are inertia and the momentum of the status quo. Yes, there are supporters of the status quo; that is only human but as humanity’s collective Light quotient rises, the status quo is coming under more and more pressure. Within the no-threat environment of containment, it can all take as long as is necessary.
Oh happy days!!!
Freedom for humanity…

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