Common Law Courts

The International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels today brought down a guilty verdict in the case of genocide against indigenous populations in Canada by Church and State and the 25 defendants including the Pope, the Queen of England, and the Prime Minister of Canada have been ordered to surrender by March 4th or face citizen’s arrests.

Of course, none of the defendants deemed it prudent to attend or defend themselves during the case and it is highly unlikely that the sentence is enforceable at this time but none of that really matters. What matters is a world court based on common law has rendered a guilty verdict for crimes such as state run boarding schools where children were forcibly taken from their parents care and placed under institutional care; subjected to the institution’s curriculum and disciplinary policies.  
These kinds of practices violate the sovereignty of the child’s parents and within common law such practices are unacceptable. Parents get to decide the education of their children; not the state. That these boarding schools were rife with abuse of every kind and that students died as a result compounds the crime but the crime is based on the state imposed restriction of a parent’s sovereign right to chose their child’s education and upbringing.
I agree with the court’s finding of a guilty verdict but not with their sentencing rulings which are not based on oneness or abundance.
Yes, such practices are unacceptable and must be discontinued. Yes, those victimized deserve compensation but in abundance this is relatively meaningless. Yes, those responsible must be prevented from continuing such practices but within containment such practices cannot continue. Yes, the ill gotten gains of the institutions responsible must be shared but within oneness this is a given. In short, the unacceptable practices are discontinued and we restore sovereignty, oneness and abundance to those involved. Courts are a clumsy instrument for achieving sovereignty, oneness and abundance. 
Courts are 3D instruments heavily influenced by the ruling elite. Replacing case law by common law makes the court’s verdicts fair and just but courts are not equipped to deal in the arenas of oneness or abundance. Courts deal in duality and scarcity. We therefore can trust common law courts in terms of their verdicts but sentencing must take place outside of our current courtrooms and outside of the adversarial environment that courts represent. 
Lets take the sentencing into an environment of sovereignty, oneness and abundance. Justice and retribution have no meaning within oneness and abundance. How does punishing those responsible aid the victims? Within oneness punishment serves no valid purpose. Why not place the perpetrators in containment instead or simply place them on the sidelines so they cannot continue to do harm. 
Lets take compensation of the victims into an environment of sovereignty, oneness and abundance. First of all, abundance changes everything these disadvantaged people have ever known. Through abundance all their material needs are met and they can focus on service to others. Through sovereignty they get to decide their own issues and work within an environment where they can make their own choices. Through oneness they only want what serves the greater good; which of course includes their good. 
As can be seen, we have a long way to go. We are exiting from a society that sanctioned and institutionalized such atrocities. We are entering into a society of sovereignty, oneness and abundance. 
What does such a society look like? Few of us can even imagine such a shift. I know it starts with sovereignty. Those victimized and their loved ones must be returned to sovereignty and make their own choices on how to return to meaningful lives. Resources need to be made available for these people and that is part of abundance.
In summary, I love the court’s guilty verdict but refuse to trust reparations to any court. Reparations must be based in sovereignty, oneness and abundance. 
Freedom for humanity… 

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