Sovereignty, Oneness and Abundance

I was showing some impatience in a communication with a friend and they reminded me to become the shift while I am waiting for it. One of my blogs written January 28 explored this theme. Here is an excerpt. I know the change I want to see. It is the timeline of oneness and abundance for all of humanity. I have explored this timeline many times in many blog entries, most recently in a blog called The Timeline of Oneness and Abundance written about a week ago on January 22. Let’s see how I am doing in terms of Gandhi’s advice; to be oneness and live abundantly. 
Since writing this a month ago, I would add sovereignty to the list so I am intending a shared timeline of sovereignty, oneness and abundance.
Somehow it is not enough to be in that space and live in that way when all around me people are living in economic slavery, duality and scarcity. I intend for the timeline of sovereignty, oneness and abundance to be and become our shared experience and it is happening through people like my friend and me and also through the masses of people who have not yet awakened and even those in denial. It is happening; it really is happening! Bringing this timeline into humanity’s shared experience is what I am terming the ‘heavy lifting’. Effecting these changes in myself took a lot of my resources for about a decade of time from the mid 90s to the mid 00s. Now my personal timeline is about bringing this shift to the masses, to the shared experience of being human on planet Earth.
Of course I am not alone in terms of bringing the timeline of sovereignty, oneness and abundance to all of humanity; far from it.
Source is involved from her place in the centre of the universe as she beams her love and the appropriate frequencies for the upliftment of all of humanity in the process we refer to as ascension. These energies and frequencies have been escalating for years now and continue in our post ascension transitional times. There are even reports that Source is now directly involved in the Disclosure decision and responsible for the decision to withhold Disclosure until such time as humanity is energetically supportive and capable of welcoming highly evolved societies as visitors and colleagues.
The Angelic Kingdom is involved with their guardian angels, their Archangels, and their love for humanity. More recently the Angelic Kingdom provided the key to ousting the self interested leadership of the ruling elite with their miraculous process called containment which has made it safe for humanity to find their own way and set their own timing as we progress toward our version of Heaven on Earth.
Highly evolved civilizations from across this galaxy and from many of the galaxies that make up this universe are involved. There are reports that these interested and supportive civilizations present in Earth’s air space number in the thousands which is a whole lot of help wouldn’t you say. These are the people and beings awaiting Disclosure but they are not idle while they wait. Already they are involved in any number of supportive activities including disarming humanity’s nuclear arsenal and beginning the clearing and clean up of humanity’s years of pollution. The technologies for Heaven on Earth and for abundance are already well developed by these civilizations and are being offered free of any charges by various members of this intergalactic armada of peace and enlightenment.
Millions of humans are involved. This begins with Lightworkers and if you are still reading, you number among them. Lightworkers are the way showers and the pathfinders as humanity creates the shared timeline of sovereignty, oneness and abundance.
This work is well advanced despite the fact that it is thus far not being reported in the main stream media who still behave as though they are controlled by the ruling elite and the editorial policies the ruling elite imposed for decades. Not true but old habits die hard.
Freedom for humanity…

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