Accuracy in this Blog

I have been writing my blog now for well over three years (first entry was December 9, 2009) and my highest priority throughout has been truth and accuracy; not big T Truth as that is not within my power but my truth in that moment of pushing the publish button. Actually my truth is an ongoing thing and I have often edited entries long after they were published because new information came to light or some inaccuracy became evident in the course of living my life. At times I have added disclaimers when major shifts took place in my perspective; always targeting my truth; always targeting accuracy as I understood it at the time.
The doubters and my detractors would argue, and often do, that my blog is full of inaccuracies and in fact nothing I have predicted for myself or for the world we live in has come to pass. I agree with these people as at the level of proof which is where these people live, I cannot prove any  major or substantive shifts or changes. Even my contention that the leadership of the ruling elite has been ousted is unprovable within a 3D court of law. Containment is unprovable. Ascension is unprovable. The shift in energies is unprovable. My inner experience is unprovable. I could go on but you get the picture.
What about my personal scorecard? How would I rate the accuracy of my blog in hindsight?
 I have been been consistently inaccurate about the timing of the outer shift. I have always seen it happening soon; you know within a few days or a few weeks at most and here it is now a few years and still counting. This inaccuracy continues as we speak. I continue to see the outer shifts happening soon…any day now and certainly within the next few weeks and who knows the delays may continue for months or even years. So, on the matter of timing I agree with my detractors. I have been very inaccurate in terms of predicting the timing of the outer shift. 
I have long known that writing this blog is part of mission, part of my purpose within this lifetime. The decision to begin writting the blog was extremely difficult and I struggled for three weeks knowing I was to begin writing the blog but afraid to take the plunge. All of the reasons not to were founded in fear and on that basis, i took the plunge and began to publish. I had over a decade of experience with journaling so putting my thoughts into the written word was not the difficulty or the source of the fear; the difficulty and the source of the fear was publishing. I had completed my research into how the world worked and I knew of the ruling elite and of my opposition to all they stood for. My fear was based on the very real possibility of retribution as my blog was public property available to everyone.
The name of the blog is Freedom for Humanity and that has been the consistent target of this blog throughout the three plus years. It began with the premise that humanity was not free and that a small group of people who I called the ruling elite were preventing humanity’s freedom for self interested reasons. I stand by this premise and believe it will prove accurate.
Ousting the ruling elite became a major focus of the blog and within a few months I had taken the very public vow to do whatever was given me to do in terms of this ousting. It became my premise that humanity could not be free until after the self interested ruling elite was ousted from their power over humanity. I stand by this premise and believe it will prove accurate.

Ascension became a primary focus of the blog and I believe ascension to be the source of humanity’s liberation. Ascension has had a great number of twists and turns as the battle for humanity’s shared timeline has been waged between the self interested ruling elite on the one hand and the forces of Light on the other. For many months now the issue has been decided in favour of the Light and humanity is soon to shift into the timeline of sovereignty, oneness and abundance. I stand by this premise and believe it will prove accurate.

In summary, in the matter of timing my blog has been consistently optimistic and therefore consistently inaccurate. In all other matters and especially in the matter of humanity’s future the blog has been amazingly accurate. I take no credit for this accuracy except the willingness to step aside and let truth be written through me.

Freedom for humanity…