The Dominoes are Falling

Two processes are taking place on Earth right now. One is the inner process of ascension as we move individually and collectively from the third dimension into the fifth dimension. The other is the outer process of shifting from a shared timeline of duality and scarcity into a shared timeline of oneness and abundance. They are related but also independent of each other.
The outer shift is the one with the dominos. Things like corrupt world financial systems and monumental debt in nearly every country on Earth. Things like war, armaments and militaries. Things like world wide control of the media and editorial policies to report only what the ruling elite wants reported. Things like the repression of abundance technologies including free energy to continue humanity’s reliance on fossil fuels. Things like corrupt governance supporting a few rich and powerful families at the expense of everyone else. This is an incomplete listing of the dominoes but you get the idea. Basically, everything that supports duality and scarcity is a domino.
These dominoes are incompatible with Disclosure; the process of welcoming our ET friends and supporters to land and opening up dialogues with advanced societies both from within this galaxy and the galaxies beyond.  Disclosure would soon cause the dominoes to topple and toppling the dominoes would soon invite disclosure. Our ET supporters came on this mission believing disclosure would come first as has been the case in many similar liberation projects throughout the universe. That is the established pattern but Earth and humanity have had more than a few surprises.
When humanity’s petition for an inclusive ascension process was granted shortly before the December solstice part of the deal was that disclosure would be delayed until humanity achieved a high enough light quotient to welcome disclosure instead of reacting out of fear and distrust. Humanity’s light quotient has risen by leaps and bounds in the ten weeks since the solstice and is now more than sufficient. That has triggered the falling of dominoes.

Here is what Ashtar, one of the leaders of the ET fleets had to say earlier today: “The dominoes are falling right now.  Now we are in the lead and are pushing the dominoes and all are falling exactly as they should. You don’t know this and you are not yet able to see or fully comprehend this process, but this chain reaction is going full steam ahead and nothing can prevent this chain reaction.”

Preparations for toppling the dominoes have been extensive and has involved human representatives in every aspect. This work goes back many months and went into high gear with the advent of containment in the middle of last year. As it is turning out, the toppling of the dominoes will precede disclosure. I like that as it means humanity will and is orchestrating their own liberation. I have no direct involvement but have held space and done energy related work to assist in this process.

It is hard to put words to the rejoicing taking place within me. This outer shift has been my central focus for nearly a year, and been part of my intentions for almost three years.  As Ashtar indicated, there is as yet no outer signs of this monumental shift but it is happening, I can feel it in my energy field.

Awesome in every way.
Freedom for humanity…

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2 Responses to The Dominoes are Falling

  1. Judy B says:

    sharing your JOY…

  2. Indeed, Judy B; indeed!

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