Strange Things

Strange things are happening as we move toward freedom in both my inner and outer worlds.
The strange things in my inner world felt and feel benign and supportive. Just my body and mind responding as the soul level shifts and the energies of transition continue to be integrated into my being. How has it been for me? The entire weekend was like being reset at a fundamental level. I wandered around in a kind of daze as the shifts took place within me. There was no pain or sense of urgency. Just going through the motions and living my life as best I could. Writing was out of the question and I whiled away the time doing this and that; feeling quite grounded and in touch with my supporters from beyond the veil but barely functioning in the world of form; in this world that is transitioning from the dense third dimension with controls at so many levels into the Light fifth dimension where individual sovereignty is institutionalized and honoured by all in authority.
‘All in authority’ is a very clumsy description as when everyone is sovereign no one is in authority. This speaks to the current transitional difficulties. English is a language of the third dimension and of limited sovereignty, of duality and scarcity. It is my chosen language and I currently am fluent in no other language but when it comes to matters of the soul and matters of oneness and abundance English is clumsy, inaccurate and often misleading. Within the timeline of sovereignty, oneness and abundance; humanity will shift from world governance that seeks to control and exert authority to world governance that serves and seeks to empower. How does authority fit into this? Perhaps the subject of another entry but the short answer is no one has authority over anyone other than themselves.
Now a little about my outer world. I had a great deal of difficulty in posting my blog on Thursday, February 28 and worked through those difficulties thinking, ‘this is strange. I have done this many times before and have not had this kind of difficulty.’ Finally the blog posted and I went into my site to find that all my recent blogs had been erased back to Feb. 13. Very strange. Plus my site looked different and had no tools for surfing the site and no listings of previous entries. Somehow my site had been corrupted. I found the information and the tools were still available within the About section of my blog and through inquiries such as freedom4humanity on my browser.
I felt all of this like a blow to the solar plexus and that same energy is there as I write. What is happening? I went into meditation and got immediate answers. ‘Your site is being hacked by those who do not want the truth to be told or shared with others.’ What am I to do? ‘Do nothing. Do not get involved in fighting this as that is not the best use of your resources. Continue to do what you are doing and what you are guided to do.’ Okay.
I went for a walk and let the energies of the experience dissipate.
I am not alone in this experience and other creators of internet sites are reporting similar experiences. Guess it is just a sign of the times and the transition that is underway. My guidance had one other message, an umbrella message; ‘These efforts to prevent the current transition and repress Truth will not be successful. Do not concern yourself unduly.’
Today I got confirmation from one of my regular readers that she is also missing the deleted entries and I am going to correct that by reposting  all five so everyone who visits my site has access to these entries. Of interest, the deleted entries go back to when I switched over to my new Apple computer. I am getting that there is some connection and perhaps the hacking would have been far worse had I remained posting with the Microsoft based old computer. Oh well, not mine to worry about or correct.
I am also invoking the intention that my site be protected from now on and be kept safe from further hacking attempts as I continue to report my truth as accurately as I know how.
Freedom for humanity…
Wow…Strange things continue. In the process of reposting the missing entries my site was returned to normal functioning including the missing entries and the tools that had gone missing. Woo Hoo.  🙂 LOL

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