Way Finders

Humans are creative beings and never has this attribute been more important than it is now; than it is during the transitional period that is our current shared experience. What is the transition? The transition is into a timeline of sovereignty, oneness and abundance and the great majority of humanity desires this timeline. The efforts to shift into this timeline are often poorly funded and those spearheading these efforts generally have limited budgets. Fortunately, these people are also infinitely creative and they are finding ways.

For the establishment and for the systems supporting duality and scarcity, none of these creative ways is much of a threat in and of itself. They have long experience of successfully dealing with threats and finding ways to eliminate them. What has changed is the number of these threats and the support level each is finding within humanity’s shared consciousness. For the systems supporting duality and scarcity it is death by a thousand cuts.
Both the number of threats and the support level within the general public is related to the inner shifts that have been taking place within each of us over the past many months and escalated since the December solstice. Each of us has become more open to compassionate ways of dealing with issues and less open to self interest.
It is not the purpose of this blog, nor my personal interest, to focus on any of these threads or to become involved in their activities but I do take my hat off to the people involved and the causes they represent. There is much to correct in our world that has been driven by a few self interested people taking the overview of duality and scarcity. The overview of duality and scarcity has outlived its allotted time and we are presently witnesses to the death throes of the systems and institutions that permitted the few to rule over the many.
One way-finder has grabbed my attention and his work has already been featured in the blog (Common Law Courts -Feb. 25). His name is Kevin Annett and for many years he has worked to end the institutional abuses, including thousands of deaths, existing within Canada’s church run residential schools for indigenous children. Like many way-finders, Kevin has been heavily persecuted by the establishment; defrocked by his church and made a social outcast for attempting to bring forward truth. Despite the persecution and denials by the Canadian churches, media, courts and government Kevin found a way. He set up an international common law court and tried the case in this international court. The guilty verdict has gone viral and the thirty named defendants including the Pope, the Queen of England and the Prime Minister of Canada are all now convicted felons of this judgement of genocide. Armed with this international judgement the indigenous people have grounds to end this abusive system and that result will soon come into being. Well done, Kevin and those working on your behalf.
The way-finders are not the only source of pressure on the establishment and the systems of duality and scarcity. Pressure is coming from all of humanity as our light quotient continues to rise daily and the gap between what people expect and what existing systems deliver continues to grow. Pressure is coming from the Lightworker community and their efforts to implement systems of oneness and abundance. Pressure is coming from our off world supporters such as the ETs and Angelics.
There are many ways this transition could take place and now that the danger is past, I am pulling for way-finders and the death of the current systems by ‘a thousand cuts’.
Freedom for humanity…

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  1. Katelon T Jeffereys says:

    I really enjoy your blog posts John! Thank you for doing this!

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