The Diggers and the Levellers

The tradition of common law in England has been greatly valued by our ET supporters as it prevents many of the abuses of the people including  concepts like the divine right of kings. Under common law, which is based on a few simple principles like do no harm to others or their property, the people have rights and a say in how things are done; even a say in who governs them. Common law in England was greatly diluted during the Roman occupation but remained an influence that prevented such things as the inquisition from trampling on the rights of England’s citizens. Fifty years after the ETs influenced the weather to assist in the defeat of the Spanish Armada’s invasion of England; conditions were ripe for the principles of common law to once again rise to ascendency.
Queen Elizabeth I died without heirs and the Stuart line came to power with King James of Scotland taking the English throne. James believed very much in the divine right of kings which nullifies common law. His successor was King Charles and the English parliament rose up in rebellion. They recruited the New Model Army granting far greater rights and freedoms than was common in armies of the day. These forces defeated the royalists and King Charles was executed with Oliver Cromwell becoming the head of state.
The New Model Army spawned two significant movements during these civil wars.
One called the Diggers wanted the ownership of land to be ended. In this view the land would be held in common, thus the term the Commons. This view is well supported in common law but since the Norman Conquest six centuries earlier the land had been parcelled up and was all owned by  various landowners. The Diggers farmed some land in common for a year or so but ran afoul of the court system which upheld the rights of existing land owners. Eventually the army was brought in and the movement was quelled by force, the people either dispersed or were arrested.
The Levellers emphasized popular sovereignty, extended suffrage, equality before the law, and religious tolerance. They had significant support within the New Model Army and represented a viable alternative in the vacuum created by the ending the monarchy. Leadership of the New Model Army felt threatened and began a campaign to marginalize the Leveller leadership. Leveller leaders were intimidated, killed or executed and a couple of insurrections were quelled by force of arms. The Leveller opportunity slipped away and those in control of the Army including Cromwell remained in control, targeting to support the status quo of rich landowners represented in Parliament. The poor who owned no land continued to have little influence.
How has humanity done with the agendas of the Diggers and Levellers in the 350 years since these movements were quelled? In terms of suffrage, equality before the law and religious tolerance; not too bad at least in Western world. In terms of ending land ownership and bringing forth individual sovereignty humanity has made little progress and since the failure of communism, land ownership has few opponents.
Lets have a closer look at each issue within the concept of a timeline of individual sovereignty, oneness and abundance.
Individual sovereignty has long been advocated within this blog. It is part of the agenda of all highly evolved societies including the ETs in our air space. My personal experience is compelling on this issue. I have direct access to guidance from Source in terms of my personal choices which is not available to anyone else and I do not have access to guidance from Source in regards to anyone else’s personal choices. This adds up to individual sovereignty so each person can access their own direct guidance.
What about ownership of land? I have danced around this issue but when I entered the timeline of individual sovereignty, oneness and abundance the answer was clear. Ownership of land is a scarcity issue and has no place within abundance. Money itself will disappear within this timeline. How does it then make sense for the land to be owned? All of humanity will target service to others within this timeline and ownership of the very land we live upon is a tool of enslavement, incompatible with service to others and sovereignty.
I do not know how land ownership will end but it is clear that it will. Somehow humanity will realize the dream of the Diggers and all land will be held in common. Many highly evolved societies live in enclosed cities and allow Mother Nature free reign upon the planet. Sounds like Heaven on Earth? That is where we are headed.
Freedom for humanity…

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