Ascension Process

Humanity’s ascension is a process. It would be very disruptive to go from living beneath the veils and within limited consciousness to living in full consciousness and having the veils fall away in an instant of time. Not that this type of experience is unheard of or not part of the human experience. Eckhart Tolle is a well known living example of such a transformation and he then lived two years on a park bench adjusting to the inner shifts that happened in a single day. The same is true of the outer shifts. It would be possible to revolutionize shifts in our shared reality to end the domination of systems supporting duality and scarcity targeting systems supporting oneness and abundance but having these shifts happen too fast and without appropriate support within humanity’s shared consciousness would lead to an extended period of adjustment and open the situation to opportunistic replacements that do not originate in either oneness or abundance.
The whole of humanity was not ready for life in the fifth dimension as of the December solstice and instead of forcing that shift upon humanity and causing a division where part of humanity ascended and the rest remained in the third dimension, Divinity and Gaia agreed to humanity’s collective request to slow the ascension process targeting an inclusive ascension experience.
The March equinox is coming up in about ten days and it will officially be spring here in the Northern Hemisphere; a time of new beginnings and what new beginnings they promise to be. It will then be three months since the original ascension date of the December solstice and a great deal of progress has been made.
Lets look at the progress taking place in the ascension process on two fronts that we all share. One is in our inner worlds. Each of us is having a unique inner experience and that is as would be expected since each of us is unique. My experience has been one of many days where I lack the motivation to do anything and default into being. Yesterday was a good example. The family gathered at a local restaurant for breakfast to celebrate the shared birthday of March 11 for my youngest daughter and my 13 year old granddaughter. I walked home from breakfast, about a 45 minute walk and arrived completely unmotivated to do anything. Spent the afternoon napping and watching a little TV and the evening was equally unmotivated. I have a blog idea and began it before leaving for breakfast but it refused to be written and remained in that state until picking up the writing a day later. The equinox is coming up in ten days or so and it is clear that internal shifts are part of my malaise and my lack of motivation. I am shifting and transforming in preparation of the outer shifts and transformations soon to come. Lightworkers are leading the way in terms of these inner shifts as we are the path finders and the way showers but each person, even those who remain unawakened and those in denial of anything unusual happening, are having their own inner experience of shifts.
The other front is our outer world; our shared human experience. When the choice was made to slow the ascension process and target an inclusive human experience we collectively agreed to slow the outer shift and leave it to humanity to make that shift instead of following on the coattails of Disclosure where our ET supporters with their abundance technologies and eons of highly evolved societal experience would lead the way. These supporters including our sister civilization in inner Earth (the Agarthans) continue to coach us and work with human Lightworkers who target replacement systems. These replacement systems are cued up and ready to go. The duality and scarcity systems continue to operate but they become more and more obsolete as the energetic gap between what these systems provide and what humanity expects grows daily. This gap is providing more and more pressure on the existing duality systems and like a leaking dike with a rising tide of Light, humanity will soon witness the greatest external shift in human history. 
The March equinox may or may not usher in this great outer shift. Reports vary. All agree that humanity’s ascension progress over the past three months has been exceptional and that Nova Earth is soon to be birthed. When that will happen varies significantly. Some have the equinox as a pivotal time with huge shifts happening in conjunction. Others see this shift happening in increments over a nine month gestation period taking us to the September equinox. Others see the shift happening over a decade or more. 
I am not in a position to predict when but add my inner progress and my desire to shift into oneness and abundance to the human collective. I call in the outer shifts to happen seamlessly and peacefully…now.
Freedom for humanity… 

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Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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2 Responses to Ascension Process

  1. katelon says:

    As usual, great article John. I’m rooting for the shifts NOW..peacefully, gently and fully NOW!

    • More and more it is our call as we step into the ability to create what we desire and those opposed are sidelined through containment and defections into the Light.
      Awesome time to be a human living on Nova Earth. 🙂

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