The Russian Meteor

On February 15 a large meteor exploded in the air near the city of Chelyabinsk, a city of about one million people in Russia, just east of the Ural Mountains and north of Kazakhstan. About a thousand people reported injuries, mostly from broken glass caused by the explosion which registered as seventeen times stronger than the atomic bombs dropped at the end of WWII. Scientists estimated it was 17 meters in diameter and weighed 10,000 tons. Fragments have been recovered but no large pieces. The fireball of the explosion was momentarily as bright as the sun. Lucky it didn’t hit ground and cause a real problem…right?

That is the report as seen in our mainstream media.

Archangel Michael reports that the meteor would have caused great cataclysm and climate change had it been allowed to follow its trajectory and impact Earth. This would have caused people to migrate and been very disruptive to the ascension process now underway. Because of this threat to ascension, the ETs were allowed to intervene. Pleiadian ships with Arcturian help intercepted the meteor and blew it up before impacting Earth which avoided the cataclysm and the messy aftermath including climate change.

My knowing is that each report is accurate in its own way except the size of the meteor is vastly understated in the mainstream media report. An accurate reporting of the size would beg the question of how such a large meteor did so little damage and why no large fragments have been found and the mainstream media does not beg questions. lol

Humanity owes a large vote of thanks to the ETs for this intervention and I hereby do my part and thank them from the bottom of my heart.

Awesome at many levels.

This entire episode brings up the matter of protection and safety and I want to address this at the personal level first. For many years I have had the personal ‘knowing’ that I am safe and can live my mission in safety, completing it and enjoying life in this human body for as long as I wish following my mission’s completion. That sense of safety and protection from harm has been useful in many instances and at many decision points. It has allowed me to choose fearlessness rather than courage as I have travelled my life path and followed the guidance I have been given. That sense of safety continues to escalate as containment has removed many threats and the intervention powers of the ETs and the Angelics continues to expand. I have long asked for safe passage when doing something that includes risk and these requests have been granted. Everything I do targets to serve the greater good so in no way do I abuse this protection or use it for person gain.

At the level of our shared reality I just smile when things such as world war or the use of nuclear weapons against humanity are discussed. Technologies that can nullify a cataclysmic sized meteor are not threatened by humanity’s puny weapons of destruction. Technologies of this magnitude can easily handle any and all human threats to world peace and an orderly shift into oneness and abundance.

The media remains under the control of those wanting to maintain the status quo based on duality and scarcity. Duality is always looking to create an enemy and have successfully done so many times; but the creation of war based on such artificially created enemies is a thing of the past and is not being allowed. Sabres may rattle and headlines may be printed but our ET protectors will not allow war to break out or nuclear weapons to be used.

We are safe…We are safe from meteors and we are safe from human leadership that favours the continuation of duality and warmongering.

Freedom for humanity…


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One Response to The Russian Meteor

  1. katelon says:

    Glad you wrote about that. Great reminder. I liked that…fearlessness vs. courage…a fine line but there all the same!

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