It’s Our Job

A member of the spiritual hierarchy (Kryon) was asked if the rumours were true that humanity would be taken aboard star ships to allow Earth to be cleaned up and then humanity would be returned to their pristine 5D Nova Earth. Kryon’s answer was brilliant and here are the major themes in the words I am given:

This will not happen for two reasons.

First, the human body is not yet capable of living in the higher frequencies of the star ships. That is the eventual plan of the ascension process but has not happened thus far. That is the reason so few of us have physical memories of visiting star ships. It is not yet possible to do this as a fully human experience.

Secondly, cleaning up Earth is humanity’s job and will not be done for us by our supporters or by the spiritual hierarchy. They will keep us safe while we do this work. They will prevent this work from being hijacked by those still wanting to maintain the status quo; but the work is to be done by humans. It is our job.

Lets back up a step or two. Each of us was born into this incarnation knowing of the ascension plan, complete with a mission within that larger plan. At a very fundamental level we are unwilling to relinquish our mission and have it done by someone else. That is our work; that is our journey. It would be like ordering our favourite meal at our favourite restaurant and then have someone else come in and eat it for us.

This does not suggest that humanity will or even should do the work without help from our ET supporters. Yes; It’s Our Job but we would be fools to ignore the best help in the entire universe that is camped on our doorstep (in our airspace) offering their help free of charge. All the technology of abundance is already developed and being offered free of charge. Technology for cleaning up pollution is developed and being offered free of charge. It’s Our Job and as we step into being and becoming full cosmic citizens, we have access to the wisdom and the capabilities of the entire cosmos. It is our job to fully awaken, take back our individual sovereignty, and become a part of the cosmic community of oneness and abundance.

Lets look at our current situation from the cosmic perspective. From the cosmic perspective humanity and Gaia have made great strides in the cosmic plan for a never before tried form of ascension where an entire planet and all her life forms ascend from darkness into Light, from limited consciousness into full consciousness, from the dense third dimension into the light fifth dimension. In cosmic time all this has happened in the cosmic equivalent of a blink of eye. In cosmic time the pace of humanity’s transformation is nothing short of miraculous.

Our cosmic supporters have created a safe and protected environment in which this entire process can be carried out and they now sit on the sidelines as five D humanity takes their first steps toward creating Nova Earth. This is important learning for each and every one of us and our cosmic supporters would not think of picking us up and carrying us to the finish line. That is our job. That is what we came to do.

Cleaning up Earth and humanity’s shared reality is a many faceted job and humanity is well supported and well coached in this process. We cannot fail. Enjoy the process. Enjoy the learning this shared experience provides.

Freedom for humanity…


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3 Responses to It’s Our Job

  1. katelon says:

    Nice article! I do believe though that ET’s of the light will be assisting us in the clean up process, helping us with their technologies, sharing those technologies and working side by side with us. I have always seen them at my wellness centers:)

    • Thanks Katelon πŸ™‚
      I agree wholeheartedly; It’s Our Job but we would be fools to ignore the best help in the entire universe that is camped on our doorstep offering their help free of charge. πŸ™‚

      This is such an important point that I modified the blog post to include it.

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